What is conime.exe?

The .exe extension on a filename indicates an executable file. Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer. Therefore, please read below to decide for yourself whether the conime.exe on your computer is a Trojan that you should remove, or whether it is a file belonging to the Windows operating system or to a trusted application.

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Conime.exe file information

Windows Task Manager with conime
Conime.exe process in Windows Task Manager

The process known as Console IME or eMule belongs to software Microsoft Windows Operating System or eMule by Microsoft ( or

Description: The original conime.exe from Microsoft is an important part of Windows, but often causes problems. Conime.exe is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder or sometimes in a subfolder of C:\Windows. Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 69,120 bytes (71% of all occurrences), 68,608 bytes, 27,648 bytes, 52,224 bytes or 205,566 bytes. 
The conime.exe file is a Windows system file. The program has no visible window. Conime.exe is a Microsoft signed file. Therefore the technical security rating is 5% dangerous, however you should also read the user reviews.

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Viruses with the same file name

Is conime.exe a virus? No, it is not. The true conime.exe file is a safe Microsoft Windows system process, called "Console IME". However, writers of malware programs, such as viruses, worms, and Trojans deliberately give their processes the same file name to escape detection. Viruses with the same file name are such as Worm:Win32/Emerleox.gen!A or Backdoor:Win32/Hupigon.CN (detected by Microsoft), and W32.Slurk.A or W32.Gammima (detected by Symantec).
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How to recognize suspicious variants?

Important: Some malware disguises itself as conime.exe, particularly when not located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Therefore, you should check the conime.exe process on your PC to see if it is a threat. We recommend Security Task Manager for verifying your computer's security. This was one of the Top Download Picks of The Washington Post and PC World.


User Comments

damaged by a freely distributing copy disc in korea
Microsoft Console IME (Input Method Editor). It executes whenever a command prompt is opened. Apparently used for Asian language input support in the command prompt.
  RotJ   (further information)
Used for Asian language input support in the command prompt.
I downloaded a software of and believed it was installed there.
Has to do with asian language setups. I noticed this only after changing to japanese regional settings, and dont see any abnormal behaviour from this file
If the description shows [GFGhost],then it's a dangerous file.But if it's Console IME,that mean it's "SAFE" :D
  Kerash Taiwan  
when open telnet, u can found conime.exe in task manager
  ST LEE  
read in HEX and found out it is not spyware, but used for Asian Chars. Get rid of Asian charaters, you'd get rid of conime . Notice the valid conime is in C:\Windows\System32, not c:\windows.... Known file sizes on Windows XP are 27648 bytes (86% of all occurrence), 24576 bytes, 25600 bytes
  Julian NUS, SOC, IS  
running but can't be seen by searching though all file
  Hui Jack  
it's a virus in China which somehow got onto my laptop, it basically starts a worm file and disables your antivirus, very nasty, trying to delete without success =(
Virus and spyware
it is i think sort of a virus for along with this two new processes namely severe.exe and alligt.exe start and if you try to teerminate them they reappear.And ever since they started apppearing on the task manager process list since thn i can't view my hidden files no matter how many times i enable their viewing from the folder options and neither can i open msconfig or the registry
I have read elsewhere that conime.exe can be harmlessly installed by changing your system language, or adding a second language. I have the Russian language pack installed on my computer, and I am running conime.exe .
Verified - Non-essential service for asian language support
  XPMaster   (further information)
conime.exe is a windows utility for the Console IME. Safe when in /System32 or in /SysWOW64(on Vista x64), dangerous when anywhere else or opened with threads BFGhost.exe or mnsgv,exe
I tried to "end process" it, and it doesn't matter..
It's an app that is potentially dangerous (see included), but it's also for asian language support (see RotJ's comment)
  namnatulco   (further information)
i don't trust conime.exe ,when are multiple running processes in task manager sometimes firefox is redirecting and loosing internet connection-i'm observing conime from awhile is not a virus but is very suspious like windows,or someone wants to see what you are doing on your PC :)it is more interior you can block by firewall inbound ,outbound etc.. still conime is messing around
Is signed by Microsoft, therefore not malware. Source: DB of "Security Task Manager"; and by inspection.
Looks like it may have came in on a service pack (Update for Windows) $NtServicePackUninstall$
  Mickey B.  
On my PC, it was located in the system32 folder. I uploaded it to for analysis and the site found no virus. I Would really like to know why this process starts multiple entries visible in the process manager.
That it can destroy rootkits with a bit of debugging
  Yttrium Hydrogen  
appeared when I installed a DVORAK keyboard
Running xp, system would reboot after about 1 minute, went in msconfig and disabled conime.exe on startup, then system became stable, it killed all active components of my antivirus and spread to 2 other computers on my home network that i plugged infected system to, downloaded Stinger from McAfee, version, it detects it as the "ARTEMIS! Trojan, from what i can tell it's not always located in the same directories on all 3 system's, host system was IE5 temp internet files, and other 2 systems were local settings temp file and yahoo games dinner dash screen saver.exe.
  Les   (further information)
Ummm, it is used by one quarter of the world's population, e.g. for Chinese input in console
  Lord Julian  
I came to my computer this morning to find it was slower than heck. After the screen saver went away, I opened the task manager to find conime.exe running at 100% cpu. I found it placed in the Program Files\Windows Media Player folder...VERY VERY SUSPICIOUS! I killed it and after reading here that it doesn't belong there, and the file size doesn't match, I immediately deleted it. Now I believe my system has been compromised, and I am going to have to change all my passwords.
Was Trojan Malware on my PC
It's used from Windows when you open the cmd console to support the chinese language. It's good!
  Tim A.  
conime.exe is dangerous, it can damage your network connections, like sharing of printers, etc. I just have encountered a problem, but it was fix already. conime.exe is very dangerous.
Seemed to appear when I installed Kodak printer. Disabled it in msconfig startup but it created a duplicate in startup when Kodak downloaded an update. It shows maunfacturer 'unknown' and its location as win/system32 but I can't find it anywhere.
Its used for unicode support. Some viruses may name their files after it, make sure you don't delete the wrong one
well.. I'm trying to clean up my startup programs and this is one of them... After using "msconfig" and deactivaded this program access to the network was gone when I reboot......
I know that no one in this house needs asian language support. So I'm attempting to stop it from loading with msconfig.
I have used CC CLeaner to stop it being triggered at run time - thius made no degradation to performance. My version is in windows/system32 folder
  paul b  
Conime.exe was installed by my Kodak ESP7 printer driver installation. I dupicated my system software on another test computer I have from scratch, checking for conime.exe after each program installation. Kodak was the culprit, at least for me.
Trojan Malware installed with Kodak printer
I am running windows vista 64 bit, I was checking processes using task manager and found conime.exe running 135 separate instances, I don't how or what is going on but regardless of the digital signing this seems very fishy to me
Conime.ex: Is an invalid start up command which is instantly removed by Norto 360 Registery Cleaner program but it is re-installed as soon as you allow access to a Kodak All In One Printer. I have run it for 2 years without any problem.
Conime.exe was downloaded when I installed my Kodak printer, but i could not delete this file but was able to disable it using Winpatrol in their start-up list.
  Mike H  
All I know is I have it's mfr is unknown and it's listed in msconfig to startup with pc, not in windows/system32 as it says (even with hidden files visible), can't find it via search, not listed in taskmanager. If it's starting up, where is it? MSConfig says windir system32 but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere! New system, win 7. (The link I supplied, I'm not recommending it, I'm simply adding it so you can see it. Quite a few sites say it's asian support if it's legit, otherwise it is dangerous or simply not needed if you do not need asian language support. This file concerns me.
  Xts   (further information)
As another comment mine installed when I installed a new Kodak printer. Not sure what it does or if it's dangerous but deleted through Clever Cleaner just the same.
After fully recovering a PC, installed a Kodak AIO. Conime reappeared as with previous PC. Could not get rid of it at startup. Deleting from Msconfig did not work. Deleting from Registry did not work. Renamed conime.exe to conime.bad in Registry. Still appearing in Msconfig but assume not running. Ran CCleaner on Registry but unchecked item for cleanup. I assume renaming conime.exe to conime.bad in the Registry will work. Still persists in msconfig as conime.bad. Assumpton is that it ain't running. Thank you folks for help with this mystery.
Installed while setting up my Kodak Hero 9.1 Printer from the disc that came with the printer
This is a very bad virus, it came with my kodak software and is stuck on my pc.!
Very likely this was put in AutoStart (seen in CCleaner) when I copy/pasted japanese characters from a website to post on another website
Well, it is a file for Asian support in CMD. However though, it does make explorer.exe harder to launch if it shows up in msconfig. If so, disable it from msconfig startup. I killed it that way. It is safe to remove it (like the bonjour process but bonjour isnt a virus). Explorer.exe is a process used so you have your start menu and stuff. For some reason, conime is to blame if it doesnt open explorer.exe. However, there is a legit version, but it shouldn't be in the start up part of msconfig. But yeah remove it if it is in start up. if it is, remove it and then reboot as it interferes with normal boot.
CCleaner often detects it as a Win 7 startup entry (%windir%\system32\conime.exe)on my laptop but which has no target file on the machine. Although CCleaner deletes the registry entry, the same issue still crops up occasionally for no apparent reason.
  Carl Kummen  

Rating chart

Summary: Average user rating of conime.exe: based on 59 votes with 47 user comments. 9 users think conime.exe is essential for Windows or an installed application. 10 users think it's probably harmless. 20 users think it's neither essential nor dangerous. 9 users suspect danger. 11 users think conime.exe is dangerous and recommend removing it. 7 users don't grade conime.exe ("not sure about it").

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Best practices for resolving conime issues

A clean and tidy computer is the key requirement for avoiding problems with conime. This means running a scan for malware, cleaning your hard drive using 1cleanmgr and 2sfc /scannow, 3uninstalling programs that you no longer need, checking for Autostart programs (using 4msconfig) and enabling Windows' 5Automatic Update. Always remember to perform periodic backups, or at least to set restore points.

Should you experience an actual problem, try to recall the last thing you did, or the last thing you installed before the problem appeared for the first time. Use the 6resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem. Even for serious problems, rather than reinstalling Windows, you are better off repairing of your installation or, for Windows 8 and later versions, executing the 7DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command. This allows you to repair the operating system without losing data.

To help you analyze the conime.exe process on your computer, the following programs have proven to be helpful: ASecurity Task Manager displays all running Windows tasks, including embedded hidden processes, such as keyboard and browser monitoring or Autostart entries. A unique security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware or a Trojan. BMalwarebytes Anti-Malware detects and removes sleeping spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, malware and trackers from your hard drive.

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