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What is UMonit.exe?

UMonit.exe is a executable file (a program) within Windows. The filename extension .exe denotes an executable file. You should only run executable files from publishers you trust, because executable files can potentially change your computer settings or harm your computer. The free file information forum can help you determine if UMonit.exe is a virus, trojan, spyware, or adware that you can remove, or a file belonging to a Windows system or to an application you can trust.

UMonit.exe file information

The process known as Gene USB Monitor or ChangeIcon MFC Application or UMonit MFC Application belongs to software Gene USB Monitor or ChangeIcon Application or UMonit Application or MediaGear USB2.0 Card Reader by General.

Description: UMonit.exe is not essential for Windows and will often cause problems. UMonit.exe is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. Known file sizes on Windows 7/XP are 53,248 bytes (40% of all occurrences), 200,704 bytes and 10 more variants. http://www.file.net/process/umonit.exe.html 
UMonit.exe is not a Windows core file. The software starts upon Windows startup (see Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run). The program is not visible. The file is an unknown file in the Windows folder. UMonit.exe is able to record inputs. Therefore the technical security rating is 61% dangerous, however also read the users reviews.
There is a possibility to uninstall the associated program (Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs > MediaGear USB2.0 Card Reader).

Recommended: Identify UMonit.exe related errors

If UMonit.exe is located in a subfolder of C:\Windows, the security rating is 56% dangerous. The file size is 49,152 bytes (27% of all occurrences), 40,960 bytes and 5 more variants. The application has no file description. The program is not visible. The file is an unknown file in the Windows folder. UMonit.exe is not a Windows system file. UMonit.exe is able to record inputs.

External information from Paul Collins:

  • "UMonit" can run at start up. Alerts when USB device is plugged in

Important: Some malware camouflages itself as UMonit.exe. Therefore, you should check the UMonit.exe process on your PC to see if it is a threat. We recommend Security Task Manager for verifying your computer's security. This was one of the Top Download Picks of The Washington Post and PC World.


User Comments

Installed by Sandisk USB card reader
  jim seattle  
It causes a faint but constant beeping (every second or so) in headphones/speakers. (It is inaudible in speakers unless the volume is very high.) The beeping stops when I stop umonit.exe in the task manager, but it isn't listed on the startup menu. It came on a driver CD for a Genesys Logic universal card reader, & I had to uninstall the drivers to get rid of umonit.exe. The user guide that came w/ the reader says that the installation of the driver CD's contents is not necessary for Win XP/Me/2000. I don't know about Mac.
Not sure what it does, but it was installed with some utility I pulled off of IOGEAR.COM for my GUH284R to give me the Icons for the card reader. It errors out often and I just opt not to let it run. I have not uninstalled it. YET.
  R. Jones   (further information)
Mine came with an Akasa combo card reader and USB hub.
  JG Weston   (further information)
Herkunft: Hama Kartenleser
Installed by drivers for Emtec "movie cube"
  Richard   (further information)
Installed as part of SanDisk card readers for the special drive display icons. Poorly written as it keeps causing the driver service to run RunDLL32 to call the Activate_RunDLL function in shell32.dll
It was installed with my external USB card reader. Its a utility that watches for cards to be inserted in order to change the Icon in Windows explorer.
Disabled it and noted no effect.
Not dangerous. Comes included with 3rd party USB hardward to support notifications in Windows. Causes minor drain on resources (it's a running program in background, but shows i/o and cpu usage @ 0% during normal functioning). Rating: 99% harmless.
  Linda Walsh  
It was pushing the processor to 100% causing lockups, upon removal perfomance was normal again.
It causes constant CPU use, messes up mouse action. Stopped the process and the computer runs better. Will probably remove it.
It came with the Belkin Universal Media Reader. I like to see which drive (of 5) has which card in it, so for me it's useful. Doesn't cause any trouble on XP SP3
  Dan Leigh  
Interfered with my BH12LS35 Bluray drive; running this program caused Windows to completely lose track of the drive's existance.
It took me 4 tries to delete umonit completely, from task manager and from the explorer button. it kept popping up. on otyher forums they say that viruses piggyback on umonit
  deb   (further information)
I recently built a Quad AMD system & it has been rock solid - until today. System crashed twice so finally checked “processes” and found UMonit.exe*32 running at 25% CPU. Odd my system is a 64 bit, and I have no idea how it got installed. I killed it and all’s well. I will continue to kill it after starting and if I go a few weeks with no problem I’ll try to uninstall.
I got it and it slowed my computer down. I searched for it and found it in two folders c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\temp\common. I went to add or remove programs and couldn't see it. I renamed them and moved them to desktop and rebooted. It's not able to run now. I deleted them.
  Jeannie R  
Drove services.exe PnP/EvtLog instance 50% CPU on battery power, killing umonit.exe and removing from startup solved problem
obviously it seems to do different things for different people. On my (Dell 8250, 80g, 160g, 500g, 2.4ghz., 1.2Ram, Nvidia 512 ram) it would constantly send my processor to 100% on ANY application request.
This process keeps USB flash drives locked and thus prevents "Safe Removal" from working. I had to "force eject" the flash drive, and one time this caused data corruption. UMonit.exe also prevents a lot of people from being able to image SD cards for use by Raspberry Pi (see link below for my commentary about that). I used MSCONFIG to disable it from loading and now both work fine.
  Don Cross   (further information)

Rating chart

Summary: Average user rating of UMonit.exe: based on 27 votes with 20 user comments.
4 users think UMonit.exe is essential for Windows or an installed application. One user thinks it's probably harmless. 14 users think it's neither essential nor dangerous. 6 users suspect danger. 2 users think UMonit.exe is dangerous and recommend removing it. 4 users don't grade UMonit.exe ("not sure about it").

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