What is ~e5.0001?

Please read below to decide for yourself whether the ~e5.0001 on your computer is a Trojan that you should remove, or whether it is a file belonging to the Windows operating system or to a trusted application.

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~e5.0001 file information

The process known as Cleanup belongs to software Macrovision Europe Ltd. Cleanup by Macrovision Europe (

Description: ~e5.0001 is not essential for Windows and will often cause problems. ~e5.0001 is located in a subfolder of the user's profile folder or sometimes in the Windows folder for temporary files or in a subfolder of C:\Windows or in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files". Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 72,192 bytes (68% of all occurrences), 59,392 bytes, 73,276 bytes or 59,964 bytes. 
The program is not visible. The file is not a Windows core file. Therefore the technical security rating is 44% dangerous, however you should also read the user reviews.

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Important: Some malware camouflages itself as ~e5.0001, particularly when located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder. Therefore, you should check the ~e5.0001 process on your PC to see if it is a threat. We recommend Security Task Manager for verifying your computer's security. This was one of the Top Download Picks of The Washington Post and PC World.


User Comments

when it runs in combination with mcafee firewall, games do not start
  marcus marti  
It slowes your computer down enormous, especially with games
It'll be started by Doom3, not dangerous.
Appears to be part of a CD Protection Scheme used with the Sims2
keeps stuffing up lord of the rings battle 4 middle earth
It runs in my system tray.
related to SIMS2 game (electronic arts)
This is the temporary file for The Sims 2
Process is part of the copy protection used in Forgotten Battles / Pacific Fighters.
I think this is a file that appears every time the "Sims" is run. It's part of the Game Copy Protection used by Electronic Arts.
This file is used for copy protected games of Electronic Arts (EA), its not harmful.
It's just part of Football Manager 2005 5.0.5 patch (and maybe part of olders patch too)
It is not a dangerous file. It is a file used with games as a copy protection method, it will only slow down your PC if it is a copied game or running a "No CD cracked version" or similar. However it may have a minor effect on older systems
  Pete Davidson  
All I know is that it crashes games from Sims 2 to Battle for Middle Earth, i've tried everything to get rid of it, but it still comes back
It is a copy protection file made by macrovision it has problems with certain computers as it is very poor at it's job currently un fixable
  Ian lennon  
this file belongs to computergames
I agree It slowes your computer down enormous, especially with games
it runs as a process when u play a full screen application like doom 3, if u delete it, it will return
tool by macrovision. nobody knows exactly. allegedly for "cleaning"-purposes. i rather think, it's some kind of trojan. so BE careful with this little .exe, mates!
Safedisk copy protection - do not disbale or remove while playing a copy protected game, or runing a safedisk copy protected progrm from removeable media - more then one instance can be runing if you have have a safedisk clone such as daemon tools
  Random Google user   (further information)
I've got Sims 2 and Battle for Middle Earth (both EA) I agree, I've seen it run when I start either of the programs, both with no-cd cracks. It seems to slow down the machine too. Not harmful beyond that.
When I run end program on it while playing Battlefield 2 it crashes to game. ... I've also read that this file causes the game to significantly run slower. which I am indeed dealing with.
copy protection for cracked games causes system to slow down alot (games affiliated: Vampire Masquarade, Sims 2, Doom3, battle for middle earth and Dawn Of War
  Ayden (Techi)  
This process is as someone else said, part of EA's copy protection... It does not slow down your computer, and you can only remove it by uninstalling the game
it comes up with other names too... all beginning with ~eNX where N is a random number and X are random symbols.
Battlefield 2, hence EA games tingy. Not harmful, but sometimes do not disappare after eiting game
it is cd protection. runs with games like fm2005, sims2. if you kill process, games stop :)
EA Games uses this for something, but all it seems to do is screw with everything
pops up every time I run the sims, If I cancell it, it ends the sims.
it runs with EA games and it is a copyright protection program
runs in background when i try to start battlefield 2
It crashes my sims2 game, repeatedly!
It starts everytime I start FarCry.
Runs while Doom3 is being played.
Runs with Battlefield 2 aswell.
it wont let Tiger Woods 05 run!
it runs with EA games and other games, Battlefield 2, The Sims 2, Football Manager etc. if you close it the game may close also.
present with BF2 and Far Cry, games slow down to a crawl then hang - worked fine before / looking for a solutions
  pif gadget  
I have this running on my machine but I don't have any of the game metioned here. I suspect a trogan
slows down games, began appearing with battlefield 2 (EA Games) but i dont use any no-cd cracks
it appeared when i installed battlefield 2, some sort of game security spy thing
it wont let you play sims 2 or it will just make it go realyl slow
Does Anybody Know What It Is?? Crashes Battlefield 2
stops MOHPA game (single player or multiplayer) It sucks.... i'm using the original cd's and have not use a cd crack for the game... EA SUCKS if this belongs to them !!!
Its a copy protection scheme
It runs with my copy of fm 2006 and it tries to connect to the network using emule e a strange port.I think it's a trojan
e5.0001 is part of Quake 4's copy protection. However, when the game crashes, even if you kill the processes involved with the game, it causes enourmas lag time in Windows GUI - i.e. opening, resizing, minimizing, and scrolling through webpages.
  Anthony Stump  
it slows down your computer and clearly is malware of some sort
I can't get Madagascar to run. It always freezes and this process is present. I haven't seen this process before.
  Steve Higham  
Runs when I run legally purchased Civ4 - which won't start. Down with copy protection!
Battlefield 2 was freezing intermittently while playing online, like really bad lag. When I exited to Windows, this file was in my Processes.
It comes up in my task bar. Every time I try to play Black & White 2. Black & White 2 won't work on my computer.
this comes when you download games from torrents and usually play with no cd. Not sure if its avirus, prob some kind of spyware b careful. Best buyin propper game!
  red army  
"With Update Service for Games, game publishers can increase game revenue by delivering targeted marketing messages directly to gamers desktops at their most receptive moment - when they are actively playing a game." Or their most annoyed moment..............."Gather usage statistics from your customers on how your game is being consumed to make more intelligent development and marketing decisions " I think there is more to this file than just some "cleanup" or safedisk thing, greedy bastids...
download ccleaner to get rid
Also Runs with The Movies
last time i saw this file it was the bridge virus, but it also runs with sims2
it runs along Football Manager 2006, CD protection file is a safe bet
NHL 2006 loads this up and when i end its task the game closes.
  your MOM  
Appeared while FIFA06 running (EA game). Seems to slow down my PC. Makes FIFA06 not so enjoyable.
Basically it came in this game Nexus, I played it on computer and loaded it up on to my friends computer.. when we were playing I noticed that his computer was slowing down. He also has 1/2 the amount of RAM then I do.. but this program did make my game crash. So i think it can be harmless, I hope. I did a virus scan and nothing came up. So i think that its safe. I didnt notice it because my game never slowed down. To fix this problem I would just recommend that everyone just upgrade their RAM. Try 1G or 512MB. I have 512MB and never noticed the problem. Good Luck everyone.
Doesn't seem to be harmful. Copyright protection, that's all. Upon quitting the game, it MAY freeze you, or at least skyrocket CPU usage up to 100% for a wee bit. Sucks.
Indeed related to games, not just by EA. About slowing down your pc, i think not. Unless your pc can't spare up to ~5mb ram it uses at most.
Runs with Fifa06 too
It creates temp file '~df394b.tmp' which protected game loads as a dll. Also, the game won't run if it can't create this file at startup. Btw, I don't think it eats much resources, imo mp3 music slows everything much more.
Runs with Civilization IV too.
OMFG some of you are unbelievably moronic!
  Satan Claus  
It runs when sims2 runs - lags sims2 since install of nightlife expansion
it runs with just bout every game i have
It comes up when i play Rome: Total War, and from what i know it's copy protection, but it's an utter b****** and slows the campaign map down a lot.
Runs in certain games like Black and White 2
Runs while playing PoP: Warrior Within among other games. I think it's DVD or CD related and that it's not the least dangerous or troublesome - at least if you have a legal copy of the game :D
It seems that this process runs when a game is played, in my case, Fifa 2006
This file is added into every game by Electronic Arts and some by Macrovision, as game 'copy' verification. It is known to be buggy on certain computer configurations, however, the games that this file is built into will not load or run if this process isn't running. Completely harmless, although it tends to hog system resources for lower end computers.
makes a wierd sound think play any time i execute any game, i dont know what its doing though
runs when fifa 2006 is played
the file comes up in windows task manager very briefly for a few seconds while trying to load Football Manager 2006 for me, and the game never does load
Its creator is macrovision and its internal name is 'cleanup' but i dont know more... seems indeed like it slows down games while playing, enormous lag and HD-access :P
It runs with Medal of Honor Pacific Assault and freezes my computer when playing.
It's the copyprotection software, SafeDisc, used by EA and others.
Seems to be part gaming files from what i gather. It' starts up with NFS underground 2
faure's right it closes down certain games when you shut it off. Almost certainly copy protection as it runs when I use a .iso of FM 2005. Seems it affects different computers in different ways though
After closing Quake 4, it makes my desktop unresponsive until the process is terminated.
With it running in the processes, NFS:MW slows and crashes on the rare occasion.
its goverment trojan be careful
crashes battlefield 2, can't figure out why, might conflict with firewall settings
runs with EA Need for Speed Wost Wanted, dissapears upon exiting NFS.
It crashes NFS: most wanted alot, and runs only when i run a EA game, i called tech support and they basicly just hung up on me, this prosses slow my computer alot! right down to 3-12 FPS!!
pops up in task manager when I start NFS: MW and goes away when I close it .. EA game
It apparead when i play with Football Manager 2006
Start's everytime I start NFS:MW, probaly something with games seeing al the comments.
It is a copy protection file. All you pirates out their bitching about your computer slowing down, go and for out the $30-$50 for the game like the rest of us. It doesn't screw with your computers, stop whining.
It appears on my task manager, I get sucked back to windows from battlefield 2. My mouse pointer is gone after this =/ I have the legal bought version of the game.
it's new on my machine...I don't like that. Civilization 4?
it cleans memory after playing a game i think its EA related it has something to do with the memory (RAM)
It's part of the built in copyright protection known as SafeDisc that is part of many games. It's needed to run those games.
It is an EA copyright program running with Safe Disk 4 protection, It slows down the system, communicates informations to EA and crash the game if it can check the copyright violation
if you are playing some game and if you terminat it, probably the game will end too. that happens to me when playing football manager 2006
Runs when I run The Sims 2, vanishes after game. Not sure how you can say it slows game down as game WILL - NOT - RUN without it.
Its a file for safe disk its ok
Runs during Civ4, causing the GUI interface to completely disappear until you go into Task Manager and turn it off. Doing so does NOT stop Civ4, but returns the GUI to normal. The GUI does not return otherwise, no matter how long you wait, making the game virtually unplayable.
it also starts with Football Manager 2006
My firewall blocks online access for Need For Speed Underground series because of it!
Seems to run when Battlefield 2 is launched. Does anybody _truly_ know what this is?
it prevents battlefield2 connecting to my account, and has slowed my comp down mental.
C:\windows\prefetch had in it. Sending ~e5.0001 to recycle bin and deleting it results in \WINDOWS folder object put in recycle bin too!
Copy protection of EA Games
Just installed anti virus with real time monitor, when real time is on this runs and games dont work. Looks like part of virus protection prog
  eric b  
Battlefield 2 just started crashing and it looks dodgy.
Seems to be associated with massive slow-down in NFS Underground 2 - still investigating problem. Presumably otherwise harmless.
  White Hawk  
crashes battlefield 2 only sometimes, need for speed mw runs fine, dont think its EA cuz nfsmw works perfectly. Never had a problem before battlefield 2 patch
I have Sims 2 Night Life and when I run the game, the e5.001 runs in background. Slows game down, (I think its cause of the safe disk 4 protectio)
  Aaron Mindiola  
comes with "sims 2" and if killed in zoneAlarm you then can't play the game
  boing boing  
it craches my Battlefield 2 it will not start up when i installed the latested patch
  SaTaN VKCa  
It runs while playing Civ4. Slows the machine down
I always played battlefield 2 with high settings but after sims 2 was installed on my pc I had to play with low settings
Shows up when I'm playing or after I've been playing The Sims 2 (EA Games). Slows my computer to an Almost halt after I close the Sims (despite the memory upgrades I just made)...Makes it almost imossible to shut down without going through the Taskbar and closing programs manually.
It is used to prevent illegal copying of EA Games. It executes with every EA Game I own and no others.
It crashes my BF2 game, repeatedly!
it came to me from flat out lobby program. It crashes flat out
process hog. makes newer computers act like pentium3s and older computers crash or just freeze.
IT's part of EA games, it starts when games are launched...Do not terminate when playing game ( GAME WILL CRASH)
It runs with Battlefield 2, and i think its my culprit to my bf2 not starting past the splash screen...
  DJ Dimi  
Works fine with original purchased EA brand games. Just dont pirate.
Starts with Battlefield2 but has never slowed my system. Its always on with BF2 so probibly not whats slowing people down,
i found this f'er after installing civ 4. i havent yet been able to run civ 4. i dont have sims or btlfield. u know civ 4 doesnt have a cd key?
won't let football manager 2006... it closes after 3 seconds i start fm2006.exe and close the game too
Obnoxious. Makes it so I can't even start up EA games. I've had to crack or download games that I legitimately own.
Must be something with EA Games, I get it when I run BF2 and from what ive ehard from other people it runs with their EA Games as well
it opens always while opening Battlefield 2(EA). When u join a onlinegame the game shows no more reaction
The file ~e5 .0001 crashes ROME Total war 1.6 patch during SP campaign and it ticks me off all the time
It loads when i try to play fm 06, slows down the whole computer enormously, when i uninstalled the game the pc went fast again, its really annoying and is obviously to do with games
it's copy protection used by EA Sports and it slows down a lot of computers. So you pay your money for a game and in return they slow your computer down.
  Richard Adams  
This file is safe, Comes standard with EA games or other software companies using similiar copy protection software. Non-Harmful, Doesn't take up much space, the problems users here are encountering have nothing to do with this file.. Unless You are running a computer at around 300mhz and 64mb of memory, and if you are - just stop gaming lol..
  James B.  
It's a CD copy protection. It runs whenever you run a game with a copy protection disk. Usually DVD, but found on some CD-roms. Most dangerous at all. In fact essential if you wish to continue running the game. If you stop this file running at startup it will not run the game with a DLL error.
Also runs with Flatout. Game won't run without it. Obvious copy protection.
Came around with the 1.3 patch of Battlefield 2. Now my game wont start unless I alt tab, then tab back into the game, then it sometimes still wont start :( dang E.A...
Allrighty From what i've gathered it's come kinda copy right crap? and if you want your game to run you gotta have it? I after 14 or more hours of playing Rome Total War noticed my computer continuously reading something even after i quit the game(was a real pain) so immediately i expected fowl play. ctrl alt delete(looked for anything i've not seen before). Found the ~e(whatever) was like son of a !@#%^ ended the process. BOOM computer stops reading everything take note the supposib resources it was using was 0. I can't Say I like this problem and it does slow down the computer.
It runs with most EA games. I just got it from BF2, and I can see it happens in a ton of other EA games, as evident by the comments here. I don't think it's harmful, and it's probably necessary.
Enormously slows down online play of Battlefield 2
If runs with McAffee firewall, Battlefield 2 doesn't start
I think it's related to copy protection for EA games. May check for CD emulators among other things.
It runs with EA Games games. So it is not dangerous!
This is Safedisc copy protection modifying the memory of the game your are trying to play.
  Andre   (further information)
Related to EA Titles, Shows as being tied to CoD2.exe, software is from Macrovision, Label is cleanup. /n likely used for copy protection. Doesn't degrade performance on machines within recommended specs.
  pagerwho   (further information)
You can't play EA games without it
It runs with R:TW. Never noticed it until now. Game recently seemed to gain random crashes and slowed it down considerably.
Runs when I play Civ 4 and only noticed it when my civ 4 crashes - which is quite a lot recently!
When I am polling servers in BF2 this file triggers UDP floods. It did not exist prior to BF2 euro
  Russ Russell  
Don't touch the file or you will experience the slowness people report. If you leave it alone, it sits there completely idle. If you are running cracked games, the process may not shut down correctly. Solution? Don't use cracked games. There is no actual file called "~e5.0001", it is embedded in the game itself and launched dynamically. If it lags the game you probably have way under the minimum specs OR an infected system (adware, malware, viruses, etc).
completly safe, it is a copy protection for games, cd's/dvd's and if people believe that is what is causing errors with certain games then it is unlikely or they are using illegal versions
I only got this process once i got it with a few trojans.
It looks like "~5.0001" starts up in the Temp folder when Sims 2 is launched, .It's not trying to install any other "services" in the background. It's not trying to connect to the internet, and it doens't look like it can execute on its own, Otherwise it would've failed in this limited user account, I tested it in. I've played the game both with the legal CD and then with Deamon V4.03HE. I didn't notice any difference in the frame rate, at least not on this computer. I suppose EA could perfect this software to be more processor/memory friendly for older computers, but it's safe.........
  Mr. Jutsa'Guy  
it runs with Battlefield2 and slows the game and my computer down. I searched ~e5.0001 in my computer and found a file in the prefetch folder that I then deleted, but then when I turned BF2 on again cleanup was in my processes. It crashes the game often.
it runs on quite a lot of game and is a part of the game process once the game is terminated so is this process. it runs alongside battlefield 2 and civ IV and the others mentioned here
for everytime I start The Godfather it pops up
Before saying you don't know what the process is, or that it crashes a game, READ THE OTHER POSTS and avoid looking like a tard
  Mr Poo  
When I try and play CoD2 the game crashes and I see this up on the process list. Pain in the ass when tryin to change settings such as resolution and the game crashed or shuts down computer
it runs when u play an EA game and it freezes my games if i have bittorrent running, its harmless
It's a process EA games uses to watch everything you screwheads are doing, because they are a monopoly and they have that right.
Its a program for ea thats probably when your seeing it when your running a game by ea? it slows down your pc but its not dangreous
EA: BF2, it's being a cunt. I bought this game and it's a amd64 over minimum requirements. Let me play the damn thing.
Copy protection for Civ4. I made .mds files of cd image for my laptop (hate taking games on trips), and this in combo with sd4hide.exe makes macrovision copyprotection worthless. Is a piece of sh oh yah you know
clean up application that runs with my NFS Most Wanted, when I close it shuts down the game. If I leave it the game crashes, a load of shit!
download ccleaner to get rid - It works, i got it deleted and now my BF2 game works again.
It seems to start when I run BF2 and mentioned by other users, I've also had the same problem with BF2 not starting past the splash screen, killing the bf2 and ~e5.0001 processes allows the game to start, it seems to be killed off once the game is quit. The file is in my Local Settings\Temp directory, All AV checks are clean. The makers could have given the file a better name. I'm guessing that this is part of EA and possibly other manufacturers software, difficult to tell what it's doing.
EA Games-Don't blame it for your slow computer or your illegal copy
I found it when i had to reinstall windows xp, at first i thought it was i virus that was stopping me play BF2142 as that was the fist game i reinstalled, i dont want to try any other games until get to the bottom of this, it was not there before i had my system working and i was running all sorts of games, i think it is a virus that got in before i updated McAfee 7 firewall, i tried to go into safe mode to wipe it from there and could not, system crashed, thats the first time ever after new windows so that tells me its nasty and was 1 step a head of me and new what i was going to do kill it
  Brian J  
it takes up 338K of my memory oh no god why! Yeaj big memory hog...
Wird von Far Cry verwendet/ used by Far Cry
  rubin   (further information)
It seems that it will open when you run a game made by EA
first saw it when bf2 crashed, ran spyware doctor, very dangerous Backdoor. Agent get it off your system, it isnt doing any good.
it wont let my game play. it seems to stop it as soon as it starts.
  adam cassano  
I only ever run legit software and I have 2gb RAM with a Dual Core AMD 4400 processor and a NVidia 7900GT 256 MB card. When playing FM2006, as soon as I go to the check "finances screen" the game becomes too slow to play and this file is resident in my CPU processes.
runs with Rome Total WAR
  dAVID yANG  
I didn't know ~e5.0001 existed until I updated McAfee security center. That's when my game, that I have been playing for two weeks without a problem, decided not to start. The game is legit, not copied or downloaded. I had to turn off McAfee firewall to get it to start. The game does crash every once in a while, but I can't say if ~e5.0001 is to blame. I probably just need to upgrade a couple of things on my computer.
Allow "Cleanup" in your firewall programs to run and you will not get the ~e5.0001 error, When I tried to run BF2 i got the error and when I stopped the program kill and allowed it to run in the processes it worked and now I am back to playing BF2.
It is program used by "EA" and "Macrovision Europe LTD." and can be found in your firewall setting under programs named "Cleanup" and after I upgraded my Zonealarm firewall either it killed the process or I did, It would let it run in the background and after researching and then got a brainfart looked and found it to be a killed process gave it a "ask" setting, I proceeded to fire up BF2 again and the error didnt happen. So it is an Essential file for any EA game that needs it.
  Jeff "Eastwood01"  
It obviously is tied to EA games but I can not get BF2 or BF2142 to run now that I have installed a new antivirus and firewall. It takes up 95-98% of my CPU and the game never gets past the splash screen. Anyone have any ideas?
It is part of EA's copyright software know as SafeDisk Copy Protection, Prohibiting you from running a copy of a CD. If you close it there is a chance that your game will close.
it's some sort of copy protection file used by EA. anti-viruses don't like it - turn yours off if your games are crashing. sometimes it sticks around after you exit a game. end the process - it's just wasting space.
It runs with a multitude of games and causes lockups, slowdowns and other problems. It is not possible to remove without cracking games to circumvent the process.
I use Chilton Labor Guide 2004 Ver 4.0.1 (Db Ver 6.1.0) and this process is started by the main program and it stays running for until you close the application. I noticed it slows the computer down some, until now it was more of an annoyance than a real problem. However, I went to SBC/Yahoo DSL it creates a bit more of problem. Apparently Yahoo Messenger and "~e5.0001" don't get along to well. The Chilton app will not load until I "Kill the messenger". All I know is that if when kill "~e5.0001" it takes Chilton with it. I have talked to the tech support folks but they don't help much.
Appeared when running Civ 4 in background, did some checking apprarently MS advice for game designers re: game copy protection, dissapeared when I stopped the game
  Jart   (further information)
Copy protection system. Sometimes the game (BF2142 in my case) won't start because the process hangs. Just force end the process and restart the game.
If you cant run the games without the process, how do you know its this causing lag. I dont think you do. Maybe its just your slow a$$ PC
Electronic Arts CD Protection software, it does not slow down your games.
i know it runs in civ iv and game crashes slows my pc bad and i have 768 ram and a fat graphics card so its not jus low end pcs with civ total bummer! you also have to have both cd's in to play the game! its all bs if u ask me!!!
It doesn't slow anything down! Duh... it uses almost no mem and only has to do with cd check for various EA games. The game slows down your computers not the cd checker. run all your gaming programs i.e Teamspeak xfire battlefield 2 and then minimize all and bring up task manager(ctrl-alt-del) and do the freakin math.. if you don't want this you could always buy an xbox or play sports.
  billy goats muff  
It runs with Medival II.
it comes with ea games. and seems to keep shuting it down. no way of getting rid of it though
You're all wrong! I did some research and no matter what game it is, if it is run by a CD mainly from EA games, it WILL come up. it's what actually runs it! It does not crash the game but actually attempts to stabalize it. Not even! It's like Kernel32, it RUNS IT! If i close it of course it wont come up, you just closed the application running it! :)
I installed farcry and registried it on the official website then I patched it to version 1.4 and while I'm running the game this little process keeps running and if I shut down this process the game shuts down, too! I dont know what this little program is and what its good for but I'm still looking for answers
I believe this has to do with EA copy protection, since as you can read on Macrovision's website; they're into "content protection, software licensing and installation, and digital rights management (DRM) technologies". It starts up with Battlefield 2, just like reported by others. Probably most newer EA games as well.
  Kodak   (further information)
it starts with battlefield games and often crashes battlefield 2
All it does for me is everytime I try to run the Sims 2 it says "There was an error in ~e.50001 we are sorry for the inconvenience but windows muct close it..." some thing like that...
  I don't have a name  
Crashes BF2142 for me....
To-day for no apparent reason BF 2142 has crashed a number of times I see ~e5.0001 twice in my tsk mangr processes, if its the culprit for crashing my BF 2142 then i am not a happy camper!
Battlefield 2142 related
The process Cleanup belongs to the software Macrovision Europe Ltd. Cleanup by Macrovision Europe Ltd (
  ali babba├á   (further information)
This process is present on Activisions Transformers: The Game. While not dangerous, it appears to cause instability in computers with CD/DVD writer drives and using Virtual CD/DVD drives. This is stated on the game case.
Runs with harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
Runs with several EA Mulitplayer titles
  Velswab   (further information)
This program is how EA implements copy protection on many of their games. It should slow your computer to a crawl or prevent the game from running if you use a crack. It can also prevent it from running on legal copies on some hardware. It is not harmful, but should only be running when the game is running.
its bs and hawkeye can suck a mule! This file slows the machine and causes abnormal termination when other processes are running
my games Chessmaster do not start, and computer becomes really slower
This file is copy right protection, NOT the crappy marketing tool EA uses
i bought C&C the first decade and when i launch yuris revenger and games above it, it just keeps eating memory and it will not stop and the game never launches.
Part of SafeDisc copy protection scheme used by many games
I know that when I am trying to run The Sims 2 - Open for Business (with university and nightlife also installed), that when I launch the program it does the following: 1.) the game starts loading normally. 2.) you see the EA logo normally 3.) you see the MAXIS logo normally 4.) the intro plays 5.)at the loading screen: I.) the music plays uninterrupted like nothing is wrong II.) you have full control of the cursor, and the computer is not locked up III.) the game just sits there and does NOTHING. --- Alt+tab out to task manager shows the ~e5.0001 program
  XIII - Admiral Phoenix  
It showed up on my TM after I installed CoD4. :it's from EA
DRM measure distributed with EA games. Breaks things, often including the games it's supposed to protect. Worthless but necessary garbage like everything EA does.
  heywood jablome  
Started by Fallout 3 start window and stoped right after you choose to play the game.
Shows up every time I play Rome: Total War. Not causing any problems for my computer
When starting BF2 this "Cleanup" begins and brings my gaming to an end. My sound gets static disruption, my FR's drop to like 3, and if I try to end the process, BF2 is ended as well. This process ruins the gameplay of BF2 for sure and I encourage all of you to contact EA concerning this subject matter. I friggin hate this shit!
Civ4 copy protection. Quit being paranoid people.
Prevents Sims 2 startup, don't know how to get rid of it
With Shield Deluxe 2009 installed, ~e5.0001 swallows memory and processing time. It stops processing when I run The movies. When memory is filled, the processor becomes like a brick. Without Shield Deluxe, this behavior is not observed.
just runs when my sims game is on
It shows up in Single Player only (when the disk is required). It then shows up and starts eating at thevirtual and phisical memory until you either terminate it or windows does.
It runs on Viva Pinata too.
its part of the game you are playing EA games
Can Get infected by Trojan.Holiti and be used to corrupt microsoft windows vista 32 bit or 64 bit
This is a file that can is used in most EA games as part of their disc copy protection systems. Most people say it makes their PC slow but that's just because they have no cd cracks and if it doesn't close kill it with Task Manager
  General Grevious  
It's a "Game Run System" and It's not a virus and it's natural.
Reeko Phto Copy Machine E-5
It's part of Electronic Art's Account stuff idk... But its not Dangerous, if it does slow PC down it's your PC Thats sucking...
Makes the computer horribly slow and messes up the sims2 so you can't play it. Exiting it closes the sims 2, so there doesn't seem a way to play without it, I hate this!
I just bought and installed 10th anniversary medal of honor pack, every game plays except Airbourne, it runs very slow. It's hard to move the file on defrag. What ever it is, it is a problem file.
It's indeed a CD copy protection program, and appears on many EA games. It's of little concern, using 0-1% cpu and 17mb of ram.
It is also started with NFS MW on Windows 7, and causes it to crash on startup.
My Avg antivirus informs about this threat after I've played Rome Total War. Usually shows up when I or someone else logins to computer after game. According ppl here it's some copy protection crap, dunno why it doesn't shut down with game though.
its uses up all of my memory
It's protection system (for legal games)
Runs with certain EA games
it runs on NFS Most Wanted
It seems that process uploads some data when it's on. I can clearly see it on my mobile internet where i have limits and can see status download/upload. Comes with Battle for the middle-earth here.
Start with black & white 2 because I have nocd patch! So NOT dangerous!
Ran with Cod: WaW, when set to use windows xp comparability mode.
This file appears to be part of my White Label Rome Total War game. The game will not start if my antivirus quarantines the file. There are no obvious ill effects if I let it run.
I know that it has nothing to do with McAfee firewall, Doom3, The Sims 2, Forgotten Battles / Pacific Fighters. It very well may be from EA but I have not found that. I do know that it's freaking annoying because it keeps a couple of my games from starting at all. If I could find what makes the call I would remove it. It shows up in the user profile\temp folder. When you open the file in notepad it shows "Macrovision Europe Ltd. Cleanup:Product Version 1,0,0,1".

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A clean and tidy computer is the key requirement for avoiding problems with ~e5. This means running a scan for malware, cleaning your hard drive using 1cleanmgr and 2sfc /scannow, 3uninstalling programs that you no longer need, checking for Autostart programs (using 4msconfig) and enabling Windows' 5Automatic Update. Always remember to perform periodic backups, or at least to set restore points.

Should you experience an actual problem, try to recall the last thing you did, or the last thing you installed before the problem appeared for the first time. Use the 6resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem. Even for serious problems, rather than reinstalling Windows, you are better off repairing of your installation or, for Windows 8 and later versions, executing the 7DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command. This allows you to repair the operating system without losing data.

To help you analyze the ~e5.0001 process on your computer, the following programs have proven to be helpful: ASecurity Task Manager displays all running Windows tasks, including embedded hidden processes, such as keyboard and browser monitoring or Autostart entries. A unique security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware or a Trojan. BMalwarebytes Anti-Malware detects and removes sleeping spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, malware and trackers from your hard drive.

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