Was ist hpqtra08.exe?

Hpqtra08.exe ist eine Windows EXE Datei. EXE ist die Abkürzung für executable file, zu deutsch ausführbare Datei. Diese kann auf Ihrem Computer Einstellungen ändern oder schlimmstenfalls auch Schaden anrichten. Dieses offene Datei Informationsforum hilft Ihnen, wenn Sie wissen möchten, ob die Datei unnötig oder sogar schädlich ist bzw. wie Sie hpqtra08.exe Fehler beseitigen oder die zugehörige HP Digital Imaging Monitor Software deinstallieren.

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Hpqtra08.exe Datei Info

Windows Task-Manager mit hpqtra08
Der hpqtra08 Prozess im Windows Task-Manager

Der Prozess HP Digital Imaging Monitor oder HP Digital Imaging Monitor (CUE) oder TrayApp

gehört zur Software hp digital imaging - hp all-in-one series oder HP Digital Imaging oder hp digital imaging oder HP Photosmart Premier oder Adobe Flash Player (Version 10 ActiveX) oder HP Photosmart Premier Software oder HP Smart Web Printing oder HP Photo and Imaging (Version 2.0 - All-in-One)

der Firma Hewlett-Packard Co (www.hp.com) oder Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P (www.hp.com).

Charakteristik: hpqtra08.exe ist für Windows nicht notwendig und macht häufig Probleme. Die Datei hpqtra08.exe befindet sich in einem Unterordner von "C:\Programme" (meistens C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\). Bekannte Dateigrößen unter Windows 10/8/7/XP sind 270336 Bytes (26% aller Vorkommen), 210520 Bytes und 13 weitere Varianten. http://www.file.net/prozess/hpqtra08.exe.html 
Hpqtra08.exe ist keine Datei, die vom Windows System unbedingt benötigt wird. Hpqtra08.exe kann in der Systemsteuerung unter Software deinstalliert werden. Die Software startet wenn Windows startet (siehe Registry Schlüssel: MACHINE\User Shell Folders, User Shell Folders). Deshalb bewerten wir diese Datei zu 22% als gefährlich; jedoch sollten Sie diese Bewertung auch mit den Mitglieder Meinungen vergleichen.

Deinstallation dieser Variante: Treten Probleme im Zusammenhang mit hpqtra08.exe auf, so können Sie auch das Programm von Ihrem PC löschen (Systemsteuerung ⇒ Programm deinstallieren ⇒ HP Photo & Imaging oder HP Image Zone), beim Hersteller HP nach Hilfe suchen oder das Programm auf den neuesten Stand bringen.

Empfehlung: Finden Sie die Ursache von hpqtra08.exe Fehlern

Sollte sich hpqtra08.exe in einem Unterordner vom Profilordner des Benutzers befinden, dann ist diese zu 44% gefährlich. Dateigröße ist 270336 Bytes (57% aller Vorkommen), 275072 Bytes oder 275768 Bytes. Die Datei ist keine Windows System Datei. Die Datei kann in der Systemsteuerung unter Software deinstalliert werden. Das Programm ist nicht sichtbar. Das Programm wird automatisch beim Windows-Start aufgerufen (siehe Registry Schlüssel: MACHINE\User Shell Folders, User Shell Folders).

Hinweis: Viren und andere schädliche Dateien können sich als hpqtra08.exe tarnen. Möchten Sie die Sicherheit Ihres PCs überprüfen, so empfehlen wir Ihnen die Software Security Task Manager.


Mitglieder Bewertung

Non essential
have a HP all-in-one imaging device
hpqtra08.exe is a pain. It constantly crashes in the background makeing it hard to exit windows. HP has a utility for disabling it for many printers. It didn't cover my printer. I think HP should ask before forcing software like this on us.
  Glen Broderick  
I appeared after I installed the drives for my HP wireless printer at home. When I am not at home, I sometimes see evidence that this exe has trouble stopping when I shutdown my PC and once got an error that this exe had problems and aborted. I have been going into task manager and killing this process when I won't be using the printer.
  Bob Jung  
For 8 month TrayApp want's to install at startup and can't find the file windows installer goes mad over it. Lately has come up as HP Document viewer, I located a file TrayApp deleted it no change. It even tries to install when I use other pograms. Security Task Manager mite help get rid of it
HP Process File
hpqtra08.exe was a mega pain. After many many weeks of my HP Laptop freezing after 3-4 hours whether I did anything or not, I fixed the problem by quarantining this file. Now my laptop is running continuously with no problems at all. I have only shut it down once in the last 60 hours. What a relief.
  Steve G-E  
I have run into the issue of hpqtra08.exe running and not knowing it. I use Task Manager - Processes window to view the CPU usage. this bugger will lock up your CPU at 100%. I just 'end process' and the computer begins working well again.
It creates humongous numbers of ver###.tmp files in ...%user%\AppData\Local\Temp under Windows Vista Home Premium. The files are created at the rate of approx. one every three seconds. I deleted (with difficulty) ~36,000 files, disabled hpqtra08.exe and the problem disappeared.
This file, self executing, causes PC instablity. Search and find the file on the computer, then open task master, kill the damn thing on task master, then erase the file that "Search" found. It is not necessary for printing. It is a recent download
HP behauptet diese Datei wird gebraucht um das Bedienfeld der HP All-in-One Geräte zugänglich zu machen. Diese Geräte funktionieren aber auch ohne PC....! was nun HP?
  Andi aus Mörslingen  
As far as I can tell, it's an executable file used to launch HP Installation Package for a periphrial device. This file is setup to lauch upon boot. If you are being bothered by this error message every time you boot, you can easily disable the executable by altering the Startup Items for the computer. Start Run. In the Run box type "msconfig" and hit enter. This will launch the systems Configuration Utility. Click on the Startup Tab, expand the "command" column by double clicking or draging the separator. Find the file that ends with "hpqtra08.exe". Uncheck boxes. Apply, Reset.
generic Host Problem
  Arnab Banerjee  
i believe the high cpu usage stops by the time you stop participate in that hp survey about printer-usage. (you certainly have been asked during the installation). At least to stop allowing the programm sending that information worked in my case..
This program, provided by HP, causes very severe problems. 100% CPU/core usage is common, and a window flashes every 1 second on Windows Vista. HP are well aware of the problems appear to be unconcerned about any damage done to customers.
  Liam Roche  
There is a patch on HP's web site not mentioned under QTR008: use the following link and install the patch. This corrects the problem if your printer is connected by LAN:http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndes?lc=en&lang=en&cc=us&os=228&softwareitem=oj-27722-1 I don't know if it fixes USB or not, but it didn't affect the functions of HP director at all, but it did fix the problem!
  Gary   (weitere Info's)
This is sitting in the Startup Menu, but has an error when trying to load during Startup, and shuts down with a "send Error" Prompt. It doesn't actually load so it never causes a problem. I'm just not sure of the best way to get rid of it.
HP-Software, wird benötigt zum Scannen über Netzwerk, verursachte bei mir 50% Cpu-Last und Probleme beim Neustart
Appeared when installing HP Printer 7280 drivers/services; causing Device I/O error/message upon shutdown; caused CPU tasking monopolization; removed from Startup folder and stopped CPU and shutdown error messages
  Jim R  
hpqtra08.exe is a pain. Part of HP scanners and printers. It slows down the computer, it opened tons of stupid pop-ups warning me about my colour ink cartridge [that I never use as I print text only]. I found no other way than renaming it [removing the .exe] to get rid of this stupid thing [I didn't wanted to delete it, just in case...]. Since then I can print with no stupid warnings slowing down the PC and forbiding me to access other softwares and the PC is acting normal.
hpqtr08 - installed by HP on their laptop (HP6720S) and when you try to remove it, and it alone from the StartUp menu, the printer driver stops functioning (HP All-in-One printers). You are forced to re-install to get connectivity via wireless. Same set up using an Acer laptop avoids the problems at start/shutdown. This suggests it's a HP "special" which so far they have refused to acknowledge.
This always causes my computer NOT to restart or shut down. Yes, my HP all-in-one needs it. This is the last time I buy an HP all-in-one. Soooo annoying. Is there a fix? I'll GLADLY pay money to fix it!!!
It will not allow Diskeeper any free Idle time so no defragging is possible while this is running. Trying to kill it in the taskbar yields a red dot & "Attempting to shut down HP..." but never gets it accomplished. (Note: I am running 64 bit XP)
Had a chat support session with HP. HP solutions centre (copy/scan/print) will not work if you rename the file. You need to use MSCONFIG or regedit to prevent the Digital imaging monitor from running at start up.
It is necessary for the front panel buttons to work in conjunction with your computer. It was running my CPU up to 80% about every 10 seconds. Quite annoying. On XP, a short cut to it is installed in the All Users\startup\programs\startup folder. I took it out of there and put it on my desktop. That way I only start it when I am using my all-in-one for scanning.
  John O.  
I have had this same problem on two networked computers with three networked HP Printers. The fix took me a long while to find but is quite sinple once you find it. 1 go to control pannel, Administrative tools then services and look for all HP Files Make sure they have the right settings. @. Next go tos "Run" ad type in "MSconfig" Click on the "Services" tag and make sure that the HP services listed are set to "Run". do this and all your problems will simply disapear. It is really that simple.
  Peter Downey.  
I have posted a work-around on my blog. This solution will basically just make windows kill that program on shutdown, instead of hanging up and waiting for you to click "End Task" (or whatever label it might have.)
  Thom Porter   (weitere Info's)
this bugger (hpqtra08) is zapping all the cpu power. I have been seeing a drag a lot lately when I try to wrtie HTML in the Aptana Studio and here and there and everywhere. I have tried stopping the service - shutting of Digital Imaging...that's what's running this service. It's possessed! I am now uninstalling the printer software "HP Photosmart" and see if that helps. Ah_hah! that shut it off...I'll just have to reinstall the effer
Замедляет работу системы, потребляя 40-50% мощности процессора.
I did a tech support chat with "Anthony" at HP about hpqtra08.exe. After I insisted that removing the program from startup was an insufficient solution the chat agent sent me on a patch hunt at Microsoft. He put me on a patch to upgrade the microsoft update agent to 3.0. This patch was 2 years old, and was included in subsequent updates by Microsoft. A completely useless snipe hunt by HP. Then, after restart HP recommended that I add a firewall exception for HP SLPSVC32.dll. Finally HP again recommended shutting down the program at the start up folder by circumventing the HP network devi
  Mike Webber   (weitere Info's)
Disabling hpqtra08.exe (by renaming hpqtra08.exe to hpqtra08.ex-) solved the following problem: Once Firefox 3.5.2 appears in "Windows Task Manager; Processes",but the firefox window is closed, clicking on the Firefox icon, or clicking on a Firefox shortcut will not load a new window. If Firefox is removed from the "Task Manager", and the Firefox icon or shortcut is clicked, the window will load, (but after the first window has been closed a new window will not load).
  Norm Sussman  
man ey schprecht ihr au deutsch
slow down computers


Zusammenfassung: Durchschnittliche Bewertung von hpqtra08.exe: basierend auf 108 Bewertungen mit 33 Kommentaren. 29 Mitglieder halten hpqtra08.exe notwendig für Windows bzw. für eine installierte Software. 13 Mitglieder halten es für ungefährlich. 27 Mitglieder halten es weder für wichtig noch für gefährlich. 27 Mitglieder vermuten Gefahr. 12 Mitglieder halten es für schädlich und empfehlen, hpqtra08.exe zu deinstallieren. 21 Mitglieder gaben kein Urteil ab ("bin nicht sicher").

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