Was ist IDriver.exe?

Die Original IDriver.exe Datei gehört zur InstallShield Software von Flexera Software.

IDriver steht für InstallShield Scripting Runtime Driver Engine

IDriver.exe ist eine Windows EXE Datei. EXE ist die Abkürzung für executable file, zu deutsch ausführbare Datei. Diese kann auf Ihrem Computer Einstellungen ändern oder schlimmstenfalls auch Schaden anrichten. Dieses offene Datei Informationsforum hilft Ihnen, wenn Sie wissen möchten, ob die Datei unnötig oder sogar schädlich ist bzw. wie Sie IDriver.exe Fehler beseitigen oder die zugehörige InstallDriver Module Software deinstallieren.

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IDriver.exe Datei Info

Windows Task-Manager mit IDriver
Der IDriver Prozess im Windows Task-Manager

Der Prozess InstallDriver Module

gehört zur Software InstallDriver Module oder InstallShield oder O2Micro Smartcard Driver oder Sonic MyDVD-VR oder Update Manager B oder Easy Tune (Version 6 B) oder VIA Plattform-Geräte-Manager oder LuraTech ActiveX Controls

der Firma InstallShield Software (www.installshield.com) oder Macrovision (www.macrovision.com).

Charakteristik: IDriver.exe gehört nicht zum Windows Betriebssystem und macht eher wenig Probleme. Die Datei IDriver.exe befindet sich in einem Unterordner von "C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien". Bekannte Dateigrößen unter Windows 10/8/7/XP sind 761856 Bytes (35% aller Vorkommen), 778240 Bytes und 4 weitere Varianten. http://www.file.net/prozess/idriver.exe.html 
IDriver.exe ist keine Windows System Datei. Der Prozess hat kein sichtbares Fenster. Deshalb bewerten wir diese Datei zu 44% als gefährlich, aber vergleichen Sie diese Wertung mit den Mitglieder Meinungen.

Deinstallation dieser Variante: Bei Problemen mit Age of Empires III oder O2Micro Smartcard Driver können Sie auch das dazugehörige Programm deinstallieren (Start > Systemsteuerung > Programm deinstallieren ) oder den Kundendienst von Microsoft um Rat fragen.

Empfehlung: Finden Sie die Ursache von IDriver.exe Fehlern

Hinweis: Viren und andere schädliche Dateien können sich als IDriver.exe tarnen. Insbesondere, wenn sich die Datei in C:\Windows oder im C:\Windows\System32 Ordner befindet. Möchten Sie die Sicherheit Ihres PCs überprüfen, so empfehlen wir Ihnen die Software Security Task Manager.


Mitglieder Bewertung

It's running while uinstalling Leisure Suit Larry - Cum Magna. Absolutely harmless.
  Mads Andersen  
I just installed iTunes, so this must be associated with it. A host of processes cropped up and installation didn't even finish properly, kinda nutty.
Install shield process... runs e.g. when uninstalling certain programs. should be very harmless
  Christer Ström  
Kam nach der I Pod Installation. Netterweise findet mein Computer seit dem das CD ROM und das DVD Laufwerk nicht mehr! klasse!
After installing iTunes, I saw for the first time a new service: "C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Driver\11\Intel 32\IDriverT.exe", which says that "Provides support for the Running Object Table for InstallShield Drivers" - whatever that is. I do not like to have strange services running without any good explanation or justification. I have deleted the damn iTunes anyway, because it also installed a couple of other services that I did not wish to have. However, after uninstall iTunes, the service IDriver still is running. I am disabling this server until I get more info.
I just installed Nova Explosion and found IDriver, got worried, but installshield seems to be a legitamate company. However, viruses often use legitamate company names in their malware. (remember svchost.exe and csrss.exe)
  Winter Knight   (weitere Info's)
Installed with Apples Quicktime Viewers - My firewall detected that it tried to contact a remote host when I first ran Quicktime. I've since uninstalled Quicktime but IDriver.exe is still there.
Agree with iTunes.. Tried installing a program, didnt install properly. Now it is suddenly there. Not a thread at all..
appears during uninstalls
hat etwas mit quicktime + itunes zu tun... bei mir funkts ohne idriver service auch... daher nicht notwendig..wahrsch spy müll.. mit der software winpatrol wird dem müll entgegengewirkt
i have no itunes on my pc and also have idriver.exe. it's taking 99% of processor !
While reparing a game file from Add Remove, It cam up in the task menu. Harmless.
runs when installing or uninstalling app created with install sheild
  Educated user  
This process is used by InstallShield as part of installing/uninstalling software. I recently installed iTunes and the install did not finish properly. Now every time I boot my computer, IDriver.exe starts up and hangs until I terminate it. I'm trying to figure out where it is registered so I can remove whatever entry is making it load each time I start Windows.
Tryed to install Dreamweaver 8 tryal and it freezed because IDriver.exe process was taking 100% CPU. Killed it, pressed retry when the installshield complained, and the install went on. The install looks ok, let's see ...
It's part of the Installshield software so you can't avoid it when you install certain software. However it doesn't make itself visible as a program in itself, ask for confirmation that it will install itself and start services or allow itself to be uninstalled, effectively using your computer's resources without your knowledge. That makes it suspect in my book and I'm rating it as dangerous.
InstallDriver is from Macrovision, a company that has been notorious for 20+ years for copy protection of VHS, DVD, and more. My guess is it's another copy protection mechanism of some sort.
  kp   (weitere Info's)
I was deleting some old files, and one of them said I couldn't delete it because another program was using it, I looked in the processes, and the IDriver was going, I closed it, and I could delete the file!! O.O
  Some Guy  
When I right click to create a new folder it tries to launch my ATI catalyst control center then when I cancel ATI it says idriver.exe failed to install.
  Very suspicious  
install process
  Greg   (weitere Info's)
Process that runs while installing/removing some programs.
Part of Instrallshield, right. Uses excessive memory while installing/uninstalling MS FS X. When running, my soundcard mixer devices disappear.
A Running Object Table is something that is necessary for several inter-process communication (IPC) systems. If you kill it, all programs which use it (i.e. installshield) will most certainly fail to work.
it is just a uninstalling program though it can be annoying
idrive.exe is not related to iTunes, it is part of the windows installtion of programs, just because the name starts with "i" doesn't mean it is part of iTunes. Mine disappeared after I installer finished.
Very suspicious. Whenever I right-click on the desktop or to create a new folder, it launches the Ati Control Center. I've since deleted IDriver, and now it breaks the install (of whatever he's trying to install to it), and gives me the error: The InstallScript engine on this machine is older than the version requierd to run this setup.
IDriver.exe is also used for the installation of "Broadcom Advanced Conrtoll Suite" (BACS) and for "Brightstor ARCServe Backup"
  John Bauer  
Most of the time it shows up and hangs PC while installing MS Flight X
Hat vermutlich mit dem Installer von Windows zu tun (oder ist ein Teil davon?).Nach der eigentlichen Installation einer ProzessSW (Fortschrittsbalken war schon fertig; 2.Versuch der Installation) hat IDriver.exe (Prozess)meinen Laptop über 20min mit 99% CPU Zeit belastet. Beim 1. Versuch die ProzessSW zu installieren war ich wohl zu ungeduldig und habe den Prozess gekillt. Die vermutl. Folge davon war, daß ich unter Systemsteuerung- SW keinen Eintrag zum Deinstallieren bekam.Nach dem Drüberinstall. & 20min warten - Eintrag vorhanden. System: XPprof.SP2;no Hotfixe.Empfehlung: PC 1h an lassen.
It is a process included in the installshield provided by macrovision. It is necessary when installing an application using installshield. I has been known to have issues like taking up 100% of CPU and Memory which are bugs that macrovision claim have been fixed. Other than that it is safe
It started when i uninstalled some anti-spyware program i didnt want. every time i right click on a file or even a shortcut, installshield pops up, tries to install something multiple times, then goes away. it doesnt harm me in anyway, but it sure as hell is annoying. i dont think its a required program, so i'm going to go disable the .exe IDriver and see if i'm OK.
called by install sheild when adding/removing apps
  Mr. Lee  
iDriver is related to a installation process (Installshield, etc)
A user who's comment was marked as not useful, actually hit the nail on the head. I see the IDriver.exe process running and using LOTS of memory when uninstalling Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Part of the InstallShield. Once the uninstallation completes, the processed is killed, freeing up the memory.
popped up when uninstalling nVidia forceware netwrok access monitor. Harmless in my book, so long as it vanishes when the uninstalling is complete.
It ran after installing Age of Empire trial version. It did not end after finishing the installation
Part of Macrovision InstallShield support files. Creates a temporary virtual drive during CD-based installs.
I have unistall a program who ask me to restart, but at the same time i give a system restore. After, computer freeze, then i restart, logg of and enter to the windows. Now i can`t uninstall that program and many times when i try to shut down the computer i can`t and i have to unplugget
  Florin B  
Idriver.exe is the InstallShield Scripting Runtime engine. It is required on a computer to run some installations created with InstallShield.
  Ryan Steele   (weitere Info's)
Wird nur bei einer bestimmten Deinstallation benötigt.Zum Beispiel bei Call of Duty 2.Nicht schädlich
Found it just after system boot, because it was keeping my HDD busy. I tried to run the free scan (top of your page) and "something" has strarted removing the RegBooster files. I don't think it's the real IDriver. Found it in C:\program files (x86)\Common Files\Intel . It had several copies of its self.
a script nothing to worry unless you have infected the file. it's simply a program for installing apps.
  ruben sharma  


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