Was ist mshta.exe?

Mshta.exe ist eine Windows EXE Datei. EXE ist die Abkürzung für executable file, zu deutsch ausführbare Datei. Diese kann auf Ihrem Computer Einstellungen ändern oder schlimmstenfalls auch Schaden anrichten. Dieses offene Datei Informationsforum hilft Ihnen, wenn Sie wissen möchten, ob die Datei unnötig oder sogar schädlich ist bzw. wie Sie mshta.exe Fehler beseitigen oder die zugehörige Microsoft HTML Application host Software deinstallieren.

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Mshta.exe Datei Info

Windows Task-Manager mit mshta
Der mshta Prozess im Windows Task-Manager

Der Prozess Microsoft® HTML Application host oder Microsoft®-HTML-Anwendungshost oder Microsoft® HTML-programvert oder ab0bb9e3b144cac60965e5440a4ee583

gehört zur Software Internet Explorer oder Windows Internet Explorer oder Microsoft Windows Operating System oder ab0bb9e3b144cac60965e5440a4ee583

der Firma Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) oder SWIS.

Charakteristik: mshta.exe ist in Windows wichtig, aber macht häufig Probleme. Mshta.exe befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32 oder manchmal in einem Unterordner von C:\Windows. Bekannte Dateigrößen unter Windows 10/8/7/XP sind 13312 Bytes (42% aller Vorkommen), 45568 Bytes und 6 weitere Varianten. http://www.file.net/prozess/mshta.exe.html 
Diese Datei wird vom Windows System benötigt. Diese Datei ist von Microsoft und vertrauenswürdig. Das Programm ist nicht sichtbar. Deshalb bewerten wir diese Datei zu 6% als gefährlich, aber vergleichen Sie diese Wertung mit den Mitglieder Meinungen.

Deinstallation dieser Variante: Treten Fehler im Zusammenhang mit Tweak UI auf, so können Sie die Software deinstallieren (Systemsteuerung ⇒ Programm deinstallieren).

Empfehlung: Finden Sie die Ursache von mshta.exe Fehlern

Hinweis: Viren und andere schädliche Dateien können sich als mshta.exe tarnen. Insbesondere, wenn sich die Datei nicht im C:\Windows\System32 Ordner befindet. Möchten Sie die Sicherheit Ihres PCs überprüfen, so empfehlen wir Ihnen die Software Security Task Manager.


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gestartet bei Benutzerkonten unter WinXP
microsoft screwed my computer
add/remove programs
Microsoft Operating System File
  Not a dumbass   (weitere Info's)
Unless mshta.exe is not found within the SYSTEM32 folder of your XP/2000 based system YOU SHOULD NOT DELETE IT. This file is used by your OS to read HTA files it is non essential but deleting will screw your system up. If you find an instance of this file outside the system32 folder then it is an imposter, mshta.exe will only run in the system32 folder.
pop ups every second
Microsoft (R) HTML Application host
Winsock LSP files
If MSHTA.exe is the file reported as having a problem when a program crashes (check the report findings for the problem file name(s)) and a virus is found on your system then you can determine with a high degree of certainty that mshta.exe is masked and is in fact a virus. The prerequisites to removing the are checking the file location and size. However, if the file is located in the System32 folder and the size is correct, leave it alone. Trend Micros free system scan called Housecall will find and remove the virus.
  Ed Olivares, UPS Tech Support.  
I am having problems with 2 user accounts on my computer. Both accounts, when you try top open control panel windows finds an error and closes down. Which means i can't get into control panel to do anything like start a new user or whatever. When i tried to get into control panel through safe mode. It opened but then it was frozen by an internet explorer script error. The process for this ie script error was mshta.exe. Now im not sure what to do... Does anyone know?
It is a valid windows program, used to open .hta files. However, some trojan viruses use it to open corrupted .hta files. This file should not be deleted, but if you have a problem, do a virus scan and search for the virus causing this to open. Here is a link to a virus info page that uses this.
  DJester   (weitere Info's)
Runs multiple versions of itself, linked with other misc. .exe files prior to SP3 and malware updates, still continues to relaunch and recreate itself even after delete, will turn off windows firewall if you do not install SP3
The process called mshta.exe, is used within Windows to allow the running of HTML Applications (.HTA Files). Mshta.exe is not required for Windows to work correctly. If you find that it is causing problems from your system, you should terminate it
  Geoffry   (weitere Info's)
this app is used to run hta (html) files. mshta is not the virus, its the program running the virus! Something is calling mshta.exe with a file that is exeuting the code that is actually the virus. I use mshta.exe witin my corprate net for a number of custom web based applictions. If you are having problems with it, then you need to find what is calling it. Oh, and fyi: the files mshta runs don't have to end with hta! Read up on viruses that use mshta as the delivery platform
  Kaos Kidd  
As said below, it's a windows process, but can be used to open viruses. I know it opens when you access user accounts in XP home. Close it if it seems to be hogging memory and it's not one of your regular processes, feel free to close it.
I have 41 mshta.exe running in my task manager right now. I'm pretty sure anyone who tells me this is a good thing is slightly dense or someone wanting it to be there. Any real help would be much appreciated.
  Concerned User  
It pops up every 5 seconds or so, and refuses to go away no matter how many times I click it off. Its in some japanese words and it just popped out of nowhere and refuses to go away. Only got rid of it temporarily when I went to task manager end process of mshta.exe, but came back the moment I re-logged on.
Pulled a copy from C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386 directory and overwrote instances found in other folders and my problems cleared up NOT a recommended solution for non-advanced users but it worked for me with no issues as of yet.
Do NOT delete mshta.exe, it is a component of your Operating System. Go into control panel Performance and Maintenance Scheduled Tasks. If you are having multiple instances of mshta.exe, then there will be probably about 100 "At" programs scheduled to run at hourly intervals (At1, At29, etc.). DELETE ALL OF THESE. This will stop mshta.exe from running. I tried deleting mshta.exe first, and it tore my OS apart, only delete the things that are making it run in Scheduled Tasks.
After about 10 minutes of playing an online java-based game, I had about 13 mshta.exe's running on my task manager. I don't think that my system requires that many to run it, besides the fact that I've never had more than one running at a time, if any.
  Irritated Gamer  
I understand this to be a genuine microsoft app, but watch for malicious use by trojans - recently had a case where I couldn't clear an infection, finally discovered 20+ scheduled tasks in task scheduler using mshta to presumably download trojans/malware from various websites.
I agree with that its part of MS, but Malware/spyware/virus uses it as a means to re-infect your pc after you rid it by accessing the web on a SCHEDULED basis(i.e every Xmins). Thats why the antivirus/firewall programs pick it up. To stop further infection, disable your internet(to stop it from re-infecting ur pc), run your antivirus just make sure your have a clean pc(skip if clean) , goto CONTROL PANEL -- SCHEDULED TAKS , you will notice a load of tasks that get run MSHTA.exe that points to a http address that downloads malware. Delete those tasks and the problem should go away.
  Huy Phan  
It causes the advertisement to pop up even though without the Internet connection every 3 minutes. It is really disturbing. luckily I managed to get rid of it by changing it's format from mshta.exe into mshta.txt
I have vista, and my AV killed a program it created. Now some of you are saying that it can be used to open viruses, and viruses often utilize it. I cannot find another instance of it except in the system32 folder. Lately, it has been spawning all kinds of things that my anti-virus picks up.
  Ace, in need of help!  
Datei um .hta Anwendungen (HTML Anwendungen) auszuführen.
mshta.exe wird beispielsweise als Programmkompatibilitäts-Assistent aufgerufen mit der Commandline: C:\Windows\System32\mshta.exe res://acprgwiz.dll/compatmode.hta
Some malware or virus will make use of mshta.exe to access a certain web-site (e.g. an advertisement or a virus site) automatically in Windows without user control. One way they make these unwanted mshta.exe calls is either create a new user task, or modify an existing user task in C:\Windows\Tasks. Windows will then schedule, with these new or modified user tasks, to run the unwanted mshta.exe calls at certain time (e.g. at Windows startup, by modifying some Windows Registry keys), or periodically (e.g. every 10 mins, to make the advertisement or virus web-site popup in Windows persistently). To stop these unwanted mshta.exe calls : . Shutdown PC, remove connection to Internet, and Reboot PC . Check all suspicious new user tasks or recently modified user tasks in C:\Windows\Tasks and delete these tasks, or make them clean. . In Windows Task Scheduler, stop and delete all active or scheduled tasks making the unwanted mshta.exe calls. . In Windows Registry, find all keys (or entries) containing the unwanted mshta.exe calls and delete these keys (or entries), or make them clean. . Shutdown PC, restore connection to Internet, and Reboot PC
*.hta files werden damit geöffnet
  NoUseForAName   (weitere Info's)
I had a program called "Yahoo! powered search" or similar. It caused a popup to automatically update it and there was only an OK button for that dialog. There was a cancel link in that message somewhere, but I didn't click on it. I terminated the mshta process and uninstalled that so called Y! search program. Hasn't resurfaced since then.


Zusammenfassung: Durchschnittliche Bewertung von mshta.exe: basierend auf 73 Bewertungen mit 29 Kommentaren. 31 Mitglieder halten mshta.exe notwendig für Windows bzw. für eine installierte Software. 4 Mitglieder halten es für ungefährlich. 6 Mitglieder halten es weder für wichtig noch für gefährlich. 12 Mitglieder vermuten Gefahr. 20 Mitglieder halten es für schädlich und empfehlen, mshta.exe zu deinstallieren. 11 Mitglieder gaben kein Urteil ab ("bin nicht sicher").

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Ein aufgeräumter Computer ist die beste Voraussetzung, um mshta Probleme zu vermeiden. Hierzu sollten Sie einen Malware-Scan durchführen, Ihre Festplatte aufräumen (mit 1cleanmgr und 2sfc /scannow), nicht mehr benötigte 3Programme deinstallieren, Autostart Programme überprüfen (mittels 4msconfig) und 5Windows Updates automatisch installieren. Denken Sie immer daran ein Backup oder zumindest einen Wiederherstellungspunkt zu erstellen.

Bei einem konkreten Problem überlegen Sie bitte, was Sie als letztes getan bzw. installiert haben, bevor das Problem das erste Mal auftrat. Nutzen Sie den Befehl 6resmon, um diejenigen Prozesse zu ermitteln, die Ihr Problem verursachen. Selbst bei schwerwiegenden Problemen sollten Sie anstatt einer Windows-Neuinstallation lieber eine Reparaturinstallation oder ab Windows 8 den Befehl 7DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth ausführen. Damit wird das Betriebssystem ohne Datenverlust repariert.

Zur weiteren Analyse haben sich folgende Programme als nützlich herausgestellt: Der ASecurity Task Manager untersucht den aktiven mshta Prozess auf Ihrem Computer und zeigt anschaulich was der Prozess macht. Das bekannte Tool BMalwarebytes Anti-Malware sagt Ihnen, ob die Datei mshta.exe auf Ihrem PC lästige Werbung einblendet und so Ihren PC ausbremst. Solche unerwünschten Adware Programme werden oft von einer Antivirus Software nicht als Virus eingestuft und deshalb nicht erkannt.

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