Was ist STOPzilla.exe?

Die Original STOPzilla.exe Datei gehört zur STOPzilla Software von iS3.

STOPzilla steht für STOPzilla Application

STOPzilla.exe ist eine Windows EXE Datei. EXE ist die Abkürzung für executable file, zu deutsch ausführbare Datei. Diese kann auf Ihrem Computer Einstellungen ändern oder schlimmstenfalls auch Schaden anrichten. Dieses offene Datei Informationsforum hilft Ihnen, wenn Sie wissen möchten, ob die Datei unnötig oder sogar schädlich ist bzw. wie Sie STOPzilla.exe Fehler beseitigen oder die zugehörige STOPzilla Application Software deinstallieren.

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STOPzilla.exe Datei Info

Der Prozess STOPzilla Application oder STOPzilla gehört zur Software STOPzilla oder STOPzilla AntiVirus der Firma iS3 (www2.is3.com).

Charakteristik: STOPzilla.exe ist für Windows nicht notwendig und macht häufig Probleme. STOPzilla.exe befindet sich in einem Unterordner von "C:\Programme". Bekannte Dateigrößen unter Windows 10/8/7/XP sind 391472 Bytes (33% aller Vorkommen), 219440 Bytes, 157120 Bytes, 2238256 Bytes oder 161216 Bytes. https://www.file.net/prozess/stopzilla.exe.html 
Sie können das Programm in der Systemsteuerung deinstallieren. Diese Datei wird vom Betriebssystem Windows nicht benötigt. STOPzilla.exe ist von einer zentrale Signatur-Stelle signiert. Das Programm ist nicht sichtbar. Die Datei ist von Verisign digital signiert. Deshalb bewerten wir diese Datei zu 14% als gefährlich, aber vergleichen Sie diese Wertung mit den Mitglieder Meinungen.

Deinstallation dieser Variante: Im Falle von Problemen mit STOPzilla AntiVirus oder STOPzilla können Sie den Support-Bereich der Stopzilla Webseite suchen oder die Software in der Windows Systemsteuerung deinstallieren.

Empfehlung: Finden Sie die Ursache von STOPzilla.exe Fehlern

Externe Information von Paul Collins:

Hinweis: Viren und andere schädliche Dateien können sich als STOPzilla.exe tarnen. Möchten Sie die Sicherheit Ihres PCs überprüfen, so empfehlen wir Ihnen die Software Security Task Manager.


Mitglieder Bewertung

Restricted Outlook Express - No cause - No Access
I thinks stopzilla is a dangerous virus. My computer keeps hanging since I installed it and it has messed up my whole computer. It is so slow and cant be deleted!! it is extremely frustrating!!!
Stopzilla is a PopUp Blocker. I sell them on eBay.
  LG   (weitere Info's)
i tried the free trial and have done everything i know to remove it. i am getting ready to pay someone to help me remove this parasite. is what they are doing legal?
I can't remove it.
useless how do i get rid of it
  john franken  
I have been trying to uninstall STOPzilla! for 6 months now. I have been on forums and blogs and have tried lots of different things and i keep getting Error: 316 File.. C:/WINDOWS/installer/szprobase.msi When i go to look for this the file doesn't exist. Its about to drive me crazy.. Anysuggestions...
IT's dumb as a box of hair. It hosed my TCP/IP stack, by recognizing valid registry keys as 'malware',, and removed them, after telling me i'd have to 'pay firts'. And what's this $20 mail-in rebate" nonsense? Horesrace, is what it is. It may not be a "torhjan", per se, but it is badly written, and dangerous. DO NOT USE!!!
  Gyro Gearloose  
I cant get it of my computer either. I have tried everything! My computer has been running really bad since i installed it.
It is a sneaky virus, I downloaded hijack this, ran the scan selected all things that had the words stopzilla in them, went to add remove programs, removed it, and so far so good. It only took me ten minutes to remove it. It is definately a virus, b/c they put this on your computer to force you to purchase their product to remove what they have put on it to begin with. This does NOT sound legal or right either! Good luck everyone! I tried removing it earlier, and it took away my internet access, now that was a bitch to fix, b/c I didn't know where to look, because I had connection! G L all!
Hi All, I use the stopzilla program as a backup spyware scanner I have been useing it for a couple of years now and find it to be a good program, the only thing is that it uses alot of system resourses which is why I use it as a backup scanner. What I do to disable SZ is go; start run type in (services.msc) a window will pop up scroll down to the SZ listing and double click on it another window will open in the startup box change the drop down box to manual this will stop SZ from starting up when you reboot, you can also disable SZ altogeather. In manual mode you can start SZ when you want
It's malicious. After running several virus scans with other programs and finding nothing, I turned to stopzilla, which found 64 infected files. Really? 64 infected files when 4 other reputable scanners found nothing? And you have to pay for StopZilla to fix anything? It's definitely a scam.
well i don't know if it's due to stopzilla or not but has anyone after installing stopzilla noticed that when i used either google or yahoo didn't matter instead of going to the item the search endine found it would start up another search engeine of some unknown nature and most times would not let you go back it wold literally stay on that search engine page and one else experienced this?
I installed StopZilla to aid the removal of a virus that would not go away. Stopzilla finds the virus and claims it is removed but the several viruses reappear within 24 hours. I have removed the infected drive and connected it via USB to run a corporate version of SOPHOS antivirus. Sophos found more viruses that Stopzilla (no surprise). I am suspicious about the StopZilla anti virus application. Is it malware in disguise?
  Mark J  
Stopzilla is a viral program that acts like an antivirus. It is difficult to remove. The only sure way to start computer in safe mode and restore the PC to before it was installed. Then run a complete virus scan of the ENTIRE computer. If that is not an option a clean install of Windows is the only other way to completly remove it and all traces
  James Hardin, Hardin Comp Repair  
stopzilla gets knocked off my PC alot. I cant get restored
  paula camp  
I used pre-Oct 2010 version no problem, but very slow. Post-upgrade I have Internet connection, but website won't open on 3/4 s of my Favorites including AOL, Microsoft, amg Google. Disabling Stopzilla/Uninstalling it made no difference.
Avira continues to detect viral activity; I'm trying to dislodge this piece of shit from my system -- will probably cost me $$$ to clean the fucker out.
  Jimmy Fumt  
type fake AW trojan downloader , bot net program stay away
Stopzilla is definitely a drain on resources and is prone to "False Positives". I have tested it thoroughly on a "sacrificial" computer, where I was innundated with search engine redirects, trojan detections and other malware types detected BUT ONLY by StopZILLA. I completely purged the Trojan "System Tool" which was in fact previously infecting my computer, yet stopzilla returned detection results for this and other listed malware. Malwarebytes AntiMalware, Avast and other antimalware (reputable) applications gave "all clear". Stopzilla can be removed completely by using Piriform's "CCleaner" uninstall tool. Freeware worth supporting. Since Stopzilla seems to have unscrupulous "Affiliates", and cannot control rogue behaviour for Adware, Browser Hijacks and False positives, it can't be regarded as reliable. The irony is that it is a good detection application but permits its utility to be marred by uncertainty and unwarranted User anxiety. I submitted my views by way of a report to Stopzilla (IS3 inc)
  Bill Ashford  
I do not see anything wrong. I have used it for about 6 days and so fay thousand of viruses I had are gone and my pc is 300% faster literally. It is a malware though and only does good to you for the first fourteen days. On the thirteenth day delete SZ by going into programs and features. BEFORE YOU DELETE IT AT LEAST HAVE ANOTHER TRIAL VERSION OF ANTIVIRUS. Because once you delete there will be 600 malware and trojan on your computer. But if you di all i said you computer should be brand new again. Also, if you want to speed up your pc go to speeditupfree.com
It has completely disabled my PC. I deleted it, but i can't get on internet.
  Sears, RW  
It ruined my computer
  Victoria Thompson  
Stopzilla is difficult to remove; it insists on you purchasing it; it has many false positives; it is promoted by various forms of adware and redirect viruses soming that NORMAL antiviruses wouldn't resort to
Dangerous virus
bought the product, it in itself worked, all the way until it worked so well i had to call the attached number 877 877 9944 for their tech support. 3 computers, unlimited tune ups, 100% money back gaurantee if not 100% satisfied in 30 days. (295.95) us cash for a years service. 14hrs, 09 hrs and 12 hrs in three consecutive days i was in terrible shape. my refund was refused and the person from india, i say again india finally refunded 5cents on my credit card 2 days before the end of the 30 day guarantee. i will tell you if you fill out the critique form at the end dont say anything no mr room
I'm sure it is some kind of scam. To remove it, go the start menu then search "system restore" You can restore your system to the date before you download stopzilla
I have deleted over & over. Every time I go to Google, it reinstalls itself. Google Crome doesnt work anymore. I'm affraid I'll have to delete Google Crome & redown load to get rid of the virus.
  Charles Wolfe  
I'm sure I uninstalled STOPzilla some years ago, but I just found a way to check errors on my PC (xp home sp3) and everyday there are numerous errors attributed to STOPzilla. Now seeking help on this matter.
Stopzilla works fine on my computer for years.


Zusammenfassung: Durchschnittliche Bewertung von STOPzilla.exe: basierend auf 31 Bewertungen mit 30 Kommentaren. 3 Mitglieder halten STOPzilla.exe notwendig für Windows bzw. für eine installierte Software. Ein Mitglied hält es für ungefährlich. 2 Mitglieder halten es weder für wichtig noch für gefährlich. 9 Mitglieder vermuten Gefahr. 16 Mitglieder halten es für schädlich und empfehlen, STOPzilla.exe zu deinstallieren. 3 Mitglieder gaben kein Urteil ab ("bin nicht sicher").

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Ein aufgeräumter Computer ist die beste Voraussetzung, um STOPzilla Probleme zu vermeiden. Hierzu sollten Sie einen Malware-Scan durchführen, Ihre Festplatte aufräumen (mit 1cleanmgr und 2sfc /scannow), nicht mehr benötigte 3Programme deinstallieren, Autostart Programme überprüfen (mittels 4msconfig) und 5Windows Updates automatisch installieren. Denken Sie immer daran ein Backup oder zumindest einen Wiederherstellungspunkt zu erstellen.

Bei einem konkreten Problem überlegen Sie bitte, was Sie als letztes getan bzw. installiert haben, bevor das Problem das erste Mal auftrat. Nutzen Sie den Befehl 6resmon, um diejenigen Prozesse zu ermitteln, die Ihr Problem verursachen. Selbst bei schwerwiegenden Problemen sollten Sie anstatt einer Windows-Neuinstallation lieber eine Reparaturinstallation oder ab Windows 8 den Befehl 7DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth ausführen. Damit wird das Betriebssystem ohne Datenverlust repariert.

Zur weiteren Analyse haben sich folgende Programme als nützlich herausgestellt: Der ASecurity Task Manager untersucht den aktiven STOPzilla Prozess auf Ihrem Computer und zeigt anschaulich was der Prozess macht. Das bekannte Tool BMalwarebytes Anti-Malware sagt Ihnen, ob die Datei STOPzilla.exe auf Ihrem PC lästige Werbung einblendet und so Ihren PC ausbremst. Solche unerwünschten Adware Programme werden oft von einer Antivirus Software nicht als Virus eingestuft und deshalb nicht erkannt.

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