Was ist zHotkey.exe?

ZHotkey.exe ist eine Windows EXE Datei. EXE ist die Abkürzung für executable file, zu deutsch ausführbare Datei. Diese kann auf Ihrem Computer Einstellungen ändern oder schlimmstenfalls auch Schaden anrichten. Dieses offene Datei Informationsforum hilft Ihnen, wenn Sie wissen möchten, ob die Datei unnötig oder sogar schädlich ist bzw. wie Sie zHotkey.exe Fehler beseitigen oder die zugehörige Multimedia Keyboard Treiber Software deinstallieren.

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ZHotkey.exe Datei Info

Windows Task-Manager mit zHotkey
Der zHotkey Prozess im Windows Task-Manager

Der Prozess Multimedia Keyboard Driver oder Chicony Multimedia Driver gehört zur Software Multimedia Keyboard Driver oder Chicony Multimedia Driver der Firma Chicony (www.chicony.com).

Charakteristik: zHotkey.exe ist für Windows nicht notwendig und macht häufig Probleme. ZHotkey.exe befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows. Bekannte Dateigrößen unter Windows 10/8/7/XP sind 543232 Bytes (52% aller Vorkommen), 550912 Bytes, 547840 Bytes, 496640 Bytes oder 515584 Bytes. https://www.file.net/prozess/zhotkey.exe.html 
ZHotkey.exe ist keine Datei, die vom Windows System unbedingt benötigt wird. Das Programm startet wenn Windows startet (siehe Registry Schlüssel: MACHINE\Run). Die Anwendung hat kein sichtbares Fenster. Sie ist keine Systemdatei, befindet sich aber dennoch im Windows Order. Die Datei kann Tastatureingaben aufzeichnen. Es gibt kein Datei Impressum. ZHotkey.exe kann Eingaben aufzeichnen. Deshalb bewerten wir diese Datei zu 94% als gefährlich, aber vergleichen Sie diese Wertung mit den Mitglieder Meinungen.

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Hinweis: Viren und andere schädliche Dateien können sich als zHotkey.exe tarnen. Möchten Sie die Sicherheit Ihres PCs überprüfen, so empfehlen wir Ihnen die Software Security Task Manager.


Mitglieder Bewertung

Seems to be a hotkey driver for Chicony keyboards, found on eMachines.
Multimeda keyboard driver Used for keyboards that have extra buttons
  The Almighty bob  
If you end the process the keyboard hotkeys no longer work, leaving it open doesnt seem to slow down anything.
Multimedia keybaord driver. Think it comes up as a keylogger, but its perfectly harmless
This is the file which enables the extra keys such as sleep or calculator and volume controls on my emachines keyboard to work
  Alex Talmage  
Seems to be a hotkey driver for Chicony keyboards, found on eMachines.
it comes up on the bottem of my computer
  jimmie buckner  
Keyboard Treiber für EXTA-Tasten ( driver for special buttons on the keyboard
From what I have found in my own tests this file is useless. I have tried 3 different keyboards Microsoft Media, Logitech and Dell and all 3 work flawlessly without this process running. It has been often cloned and used to allow spyware to run free on your system. I would recommend removing the file completely since it does not affect the use of the keyboard and can obviously be an alert that there may be malware hiding in the program. If it is using a system process name it cannot be detected by scanners as a trojan or keylogger.
it appeared where my minamized windows appeared, but never has before...didnt seem to mess anything up
  darby a  
It does come on emachines and is used for the extra "hot" keys
zHotkey.exe is a startup file that adds functionality (e.g., on-screen volume display, cut, copy, paste, etc.) to Chicony keyboards bundled with EMachines desktop computers. It is completely harmless.
it shows up inmy inet cache, also in my prefetch and in windows root
  richard parker  
well it is nessesary on the emachine keyboard. this is because without it the volume functions dont work and also the onscreen display of what is happening don't show. for example if i press play the play sign comes up. without this tool it would not display these usful functions
I know that it is a nuisance to my startup (How do I get rid of it?)
special driver for the special buttons on my key board, perfectly harmless
definitely performs useful task for E-Machines KB-108 keyboard and Belkin F8E185. Didn't help with HP 5219URF though.
  Phil Hornby  
After removing the supplied emachines wired keyboard & adding a wireless keyboard, a 'zHotkey.exe has encountered a problem & needs to close......' message is generated when opening XP. Solution? - Disable or remove this process
In Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, this process appears to be the culprit in activating an annoying popup that reports the volume level when you use keyboard functions to change the volume. This is particularly annoying when you're in full-screen mode as it takes you back to windowed mode (takes focus away from games and full screen movies). No functionionality was lost when the process was killed.
Under the right surcumstances this program can be dangerous. If you do not live alone someone can monitor your keystrokes. My reasolution is to download Security Task Manager and quarantine the program.
  mr computer dude  
if zhotkey is not responding does any one know how to get it back
It's a harmless program to use things like CTRL +Z for copy and paste ect.
On XP is launches with some user and not for others causing an error message.
Brian is right. I just removed it from my Emachines and my hotkeys all still work.
it disables most of the bottom row of my keyboard for a while it affects z x c v m
I do not like the sound of this and shall kill it.
On a 3200 Athlon 64 eMachine, removed AOL and this message keeps coming up at the end of boot: 'zHotkey.exe has encountered a problem & needs to close......' I would like the functionallity to work but do not know how to clear the problem and get back to normal.
has stopped one of my programs running all together and serves no real purpose, media keyboard and all buttons work fine without it, also dont know how i got it
runs in background can copy key strokes, dangerous
Emachines keyboard software totally harmless. Can cause slight conflicts with not running properly if using Zonealarm. Doesn't access the internet at all. Remove only if it doesn't start correctly.
It's a process started by windows linked to multimedia keys on chicony keyboards. Stopping it doesn't render these keys uselss, it just disables the monitor overaly status info that comes up when these keys are pressed.
used in newer Gateway keyboards for the extra keys like play, pause, stop, search, home, email, and computer volume
Puter ran snails pace out of the box (attached a compaq keyboard instead of the keyboard that came with the puter). Noticed zhotkey was using 99% of resources. After coming here, I closed the application, connected the keyboard that came with the computer, restarted and the puter now works great.
it seems pretty safe... scan it with this site,
  Randy   (weitere Info's)
After I restored Windows XP, my computer automatically rebooted and zhotkey appeared on the bottom of my screen next to the Start button. I thought that this was unusual, so I tried to remove it, quarentine it and open it. I was denied access to this file and could not do anything with it. When I deleted the prefetch, all of my games disappeared.
zHotkey.exe is a startup file that adds functionality (e.g., on-screen volume display, cut, copy, paste, etc.) to Chicony keyboards bundled with Gateway desktop computers. It is completely harmless.
All it affects is the hot key functions of the keyboard such as play/pause etc. I now have an advent keyboard and without Hotkey the hot buttons still work, but their on screen display disappears.
When I first saw this file, i thought it might be a key-logger, because I've had people run key-log software on my computer before, but from reading all of the other blogs, it just looks like whatever...
when I blocked this file from accessing the internet, firefox stopped connecting
  Bill Riemers  
a nuisance,just cant get rid,hundreds of its dialogue boxes appear on my screen on start up,
  derek winder  
UGH. It won't let me on my internet. But the "GUEST" account is working just fine.
the actual driver name does NOT have the capital H, zhotkey.exe vs zHotkey.exe the latter is a keyboard logger and malicious
eMachines have Chicony keyboards. Unfortunately, Windows Vista flagged "ZHotKey" as having an unknown publisher. Vista also responded to this application as an "unidentified program is attempting to access your computer. Allow or Disallow?." If Windows VIsta flags this program as a threat and the publisher is unknown, I think that this application should be deleted from your hard drive.
It's a keyboard monitoring application. Lets user know when his caps lock/scroll lock/num lock is on, and keyboard and mouse low battery warning.
nicht viel, nur, dass meine Tastatur nach Standby ohne diesen Eintrag im Autostart nicht mehr funktioniert (Reset erforderlich). Mit dem Autostart-Eintrag kommt zwar eine Fehlermeldung, aber die Tastatur (USB) geht.
Well, it freaked me out a bit when I first seen it, but since it says it was last modified three years ago I will assume its safe. If it had been made recently I would delete it.
You can actually dissable the zhotkey function in the start- run menu. Type msconfig and select the tab start, you will find it in that list and can de-select it. Howver when you re-start most likely a window will appear with the message you changed the config. It does solve the problem. Check out the miscrosoft support link
  zhotkey issu   (weitere Info's)
go to microsoft site and check, i did it and here is the solution click on START, select RUN,type MSCONFIG, clik OK, on startup tab click CLEAR "ZHOTKEY" then click OK, then restart, and voila EVERYTHING SHOUL BE OK.
needed for emachine keyboard
  guest 1234   (weitere Info's)
It's for those shortcut buttons on eMachines keyboards. If you follow others' advice to remove it, then you'll be left without those helpful shortcuts on your keyboard.
Fake Software
  Neo   (weitere Info's)
"zHotkey.exe" is harmless. It gives additional functions to Chicony keyboards. Chicony keyboards are also used with gateway computers.
My computerruns very slow and does'nt respond to comnds as it should.Personally I don't appreciate all the dificulties but am afraid to remove it.
changes my keyboard press characters;
comes up on bottom of screen but I cant get it to do anything when I click on it except close it. to
it is a nuisance and delays opening to internet or e-mail.


Zusammenfassung: Durchschnittliche Bewertung von zHotkey.exe: basierend auf 61 Bewertungen mit 56 Kommentaren. 27 Mitglieder halten zHotkey.exe notwendig für Windows bzw. für eine installierte Software. 6 Mitglieder halten es für ungefährlich. 14 Mitglieder halten es weder für wichtig noch für gefährlich. 6 Mitglieder vermuten Gefahr. 8 Mitglieder halten es für schädlich und empfehlen, zHotkey.exe zu deinstallieren. 7 Mitglieder gaben kein Urteil ab ("bin nicht sicher").

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