How to remove the VVSN virus

Most antivirus programs identify VVSN.exe as malware—such as BitDefender identifies it as Generic.Adw.SaveNow.56AD4696, and TrendMicro identifies it as ADW_WENHU.

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VVSN.exe file information

Windows Task Manager with VVSN
VVSN.exe process in Windows Task Manager

The process known as VVSN belongs to software VVSN Module or CINEMA 4D Modul Advanced Render by (

Description: VVSN.exe is not essential for Windows and will often cause problems. VVSN.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files" (usually C:\Program Files\VVSN\). Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 107,520 bytes (97% of all occurrences) or 181,248 bytes. 
It is a file with no information about its developer. The VVSN.exe file is not a Windows core file. The process is loaded during the Windows boot process (see Registry key: MACHINE\Run). The program is not visible. Therefore the technical security rating is 63% dangerous, however you should also read the user reviews.

Uninstalling this variant: In case you experience problems using VVSN.exe, you can remove the entire program CINEMA 4D Modul Advanced Render using Windows Control Panel.

Recommended: Identify VVSN.exe related errors

External information from Paul Collins:

Important: You should check the VVSN.exe process on your PC to see if it is a threat. If VVSN has changed your browser's search engine and start page, you can recover your browser's default settings as follows:

Reset default browser settings for Internet-Explorer ▾
  1. In Internet Explorer, press the key combination Alt + X to open the Tools menu.
  2. Click Internet options.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Click the Reset... button.
  5. Enable the Delete personal settings option.
This will reset your Internet Explorer to its default settings. Your browser will start with the familiar start page and search engine—without popups, ads, cookies, but all browser add-ons are deleted too [1]. Make cleaning up your browser and your computer simpler and safer with Security Task Manager.


User Comments

Pop up *You computers clock may be inaccurate*
came along with the installation of Bearshare
  Someone Unexpected  
change browser's home page
located in VVSN folder in program files. Associated with wsc.exe files easily deleted after terminating process.
pop-up: "Your computer may be infected with spy- or ad-ware", also linked to system crashes.
Installed when Bearshare or Equivilent is installed.Part of Save Now program. Also In Limewire
  Carl Sharp  
installed with bearshare with user permission and notification it does not list the process name though. I havent tried removing it yet cause I dont wanna kill my current downloads but terminiating the process does not effect bearshare's operations.
  usually paranoid  
came inside the daemon toolz instalation
Comes with ed2k clients, bearshare etc - pops up ads when surfing. If you deinstall, p2p software which was installed with wont work anymore. Help: Prevent VVSN.exe to connect to www, nearly all Firewalls can do that
Spy. It's controled by WhenU. Get rid of it.
I hate this kind of files
You need it to use Bareshare
VVSN wanted to email to a SWare Modem booster site, found it in the C:\prgram files\vvsn, disturbted Outpost fwall, so got rid of it. Will use regseeeker to remove from registry
Yes, I have Bearshare installed too and vvsn.exe is running now ...
came along with Daemon Tools v4
just a annoying havent had any problems with it killed it as soon as it tried accessing the internet, Came with DAEMON tools
installed without permission (Have never installed Bearshare, Limewire, or any of the other listed programs), and causes itself to load on startup (can be disabled by running msconfig.exe, clicking the startup tab, and deselecting the checkbox next to the name)
VVSN.exe is an advertising program by WhenU. This process monitors your browsing habits and distributes the data back to the author's servers for analysis. This also prompts advertising popups. This program is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately.
SpyWare Installed with Blaze DVD 4.0
came with daemon tools v4
not much but it downloads onto your computer when u download bearshare file sharing program
Spyware from Came bundled with deamon tools.
eat band
It comes with Daemon Tools. During installation you are free too choice.
  Ken-Sweden   (further information)
comes with Daemon Tools 4.03
  twilight   (further information)
try to download: URL=
VVSN.EXE came after installing BSplayer 1.38, build 828. In my opinion it's dangerous because it will try to connect to the internet without any user involvement!
  Pete   (further information)
I have it and don't have a clue what bershare is. So it comes with other stuff.
Comes with bearshare, have your firewall block it or you will be flooded with adds!!!You dont have to delete it just dont let it connect.
came wrapped with Style XP theme. I dont like uninvited guests. Used firewall to deny it access to net, terminated process, deleted program file. Doubt its a major threat but not worth the risk
  dude who dont play  
Comes with bearshare, but is not necessary to run bearshare. Is classed by AVG as a virus, remove manually or using antivirus. Results in pop-up, browser hi-jacks.
It must have come when I down loaded a app that did not function how I had expected. So I removed it and now I'm finding that this wrote to the hard drive deeper then I would of cared. After removal my Zone Alarm advises it is still tring to access the internet. Why I don't know I removed the what u app. I guess I'm going to have to manually clean this from my hard drive and reg. I don't think I want wha tu to have this exe on my machine waiting for a release command. Yes I agree get rid of it, its a spy and a trader
Spyware. came with version 4.03 of Daemon tools, did NOT uninstall when uninstalling Daemon tools
VVSN.EXE is spyware.
  leila   (further information)
it tried to connect to the net and send my details but my zonealarm firewall found this trying. It was deleted by Spybot S&D scan before doing any harm
It came with Daemon tools.. could be a security risk.. blocked it from accessing the net, but still runs in the proceses in the taskbar..
  petit fille  
VVSN is a malware program bundled in many other programs such as BearShare Peer 2 Peer file sharing. I have found that it will randomly attempt internet access without permission or of my own doing. Most programs that require it in order to run that program, once it is removed, will have problems.
Came with Style XP theme when I remove it my internet stop working and I had to format my computer
  VVSN Hater  
Will automatically configure itself to start with windows. It comes as bundled software and the EULA states that you are installing adware along with the program it comes bundled with.
Identified by Symantec as spyware. Came with Aquaticworlds screensaver and luckily I noticed during installation it was adding it so I stopped it in its tracks. Switch it off in your start-up configuration and delete the folder.
Demands access to the internet, close the process in task list, then delete it from program files/vvsn/vvsn.exe
To remove this security risk simply go to C:\programfiles\ and delete the vvsn folder. Then remove it from the recycle bin.
zone alarm declared it as spyware - it quarantined it, rebooted the computer and it´s finally removed.
spy ware came like above in a style xp theme, removing it now
VVSN comes with Daemon Tools. But block it from accessing the net. and delete the directory in Safemode. c:/program files/VVSN
It is spyware; even google could not open not until I stop the process in the task manager
  alexander munobwa  
it prevents while attempting to run a new program.
I am not sure where it came from, but my kaspersky detected it as an adware that can cause various pop-ups and can allow websites that you don't even know about. I have not deleted it yet as it has given me no harm.

Rating chart

Summary: Average user rating of VVSN.exe: based on 63 votes with 49 user comments. 3 users think VVSN.exe is essential for Windows or an installed application. 11 users think it's neither essential nor dangerous. 19 users suspect danger. 30 users think VVSN.exe is dangerous and recommend removing it. 6 users don't grade VVSN.exe ("not sure about it").

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Best practices for resolving VVSN issues

The following programs have also been shown useful for a deeper analysis: ASecurity Task Manager examines the active VVSN process on your computer and clearly tells you what it is doing. Malwarebytes' well-known Banti-malware tool tells you if the VVSN.exe on your computer displays annoying ads, slowing it down. This type of unwanted adware program is not considered by some antivirus software to be a virus and is therefore not marked for cleanup.

A clean and tidy computer is the key requirement for avoiding PC trouble. This means running a scan for malware, cleaning your hard drive using 1cleanmgr and 2sfc /scannow, 3uninstalling programs that you no longer need, checking for Autostart programs (using 4msconfig) and enabling Windows' 5Automatic Update. Always remember to perform periodic backups, or at least to set restore points.

Should you experience an actual problem, try to recall the last thing you did, or the last thing you installed before the problem appeared for the first time. Use the 6resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem. Even for serious problems, rather than reinstalling Windows, you are better off repairing of your installation or, for Windows 8 and later versions, executing the 7DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command. This allows you to repair the operating system without losing data.

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